Ways Your Business Can Help And Support Women

Here are three ways your business can help to make the world a safer place for women.

We have all been rocked by the news of Sarah Everard’s death, and with this industry being mostly made up of women, the circumstances hit close to home.

We have all sent a ‘text me when you get home’ message to our friends, family and colleagues and kept one eye on our phone. It’s only when it lights up again with a confirmation they are safe that we feel a wave of relief.

We have all been on the receiving end of that message too. Walking home late at night, phone in hand and constantly scanning your surroundings looking for the busiest and most well-lit path. Thankfully, most of us make it home safe, but the reality is that it’s still not a given in today’s society.

The events of the last few weeks show that there is still work to be done and there are many ways you can help. Here are three ways your business can help support women and put an end to gendered violence.

Donate to charities

There are several charities across Australia dedicated to supporting women and victims of violence. White Ribbon Australia was established as part of a global movement to eliminate men’s violence towards women. You can either donate directly or host a fundraiser as a business.

Women’s community shelters are also always in need of any support available. This could be a donation of funds, clothes, beauty products or toiletries. If in doubt, just ask! From a quick message on Facebook, you could find out they’d prefer some extra help on a Saturday afternoon or a few hours for your time to share your expert advice on looking after skin health.

Show your support publicly

Thousands of people lined the streets of major cities yesterday to protest against gendered violence and discrimination, both overseas and on home ground. If you didn’t get a chance to attend in person, you can still show your support on social media. Your business has a platform and an audience. Not only does it show that your business is an active ally, it also signifies that your spa or clinic is a safe and supportive place for victims of violence.

Start conversation privately

This is arguably where the most change can happen. Start conversations with the men around your business. Violence against women is a men’s issue too. These conversations are necessary to change the current narrative around gendered violence. These men may not be the perpetrators, but they can listen, support and acknowledge the things they can do to help ensure women feel safe in society.


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