Using Artificial Intelligence To Finance Your Business

Thinking of investing in your small business but lacking the funds? is here to match you with the perfect business loan, says the company’s Finance Broker, Sean Amato.

We are Australia’s first AI-powered loan comparison platform. Using data-driven proprietary technology and a panel of 60+ lenders, we can pre-approve you with the most competitive loans tailored to your business’ circumstances. Finding finance isn’t fun, which is why we’ve not only made it smarter, but also simpler to streamline the process.

As a business owner in the cosmetic/medical industry seeking a loan for your commercial needs, we want you to spend more time performing what you do best, and less on all the other admin, such as finding a loan. Our platform is designed to help you apply and get access to the funding you need – fast. Get a quote in 30 seconds, apply in 5 minutes.

What makes us different

We’ve spent countless hours not only refining our loan comparison platform, but also the end-to-end application process to ensure that our applicants can receive a quote within 30 seconds and complete a loan application in under five minutes. We’ve looked into every detail to the point where the process involves more tapping and less typing to improve the overall experience. 

We offer complete transparency of the lenders we use and the rates available to the applicant. As you progress through the application process, our lender recommendation cards change in real-time, as our AI technology receives more information about the loan and applicant.

We are the only platform that provides you with real quotes from lender offers that our applicants actually qualify for. Many other platforms just show the headline rate, but by the time applicants provide their information, they end up paying more. Our platform is designed to continuously recalculate the quotes each time applicants provide more information.

We understand time is a commodity, so if an applicant chooses to resume an application they were progressing through previously, their details are saved and brought across regardless of what device they are using. This removes any frustration and stress of having the need to re-input information. 

We are the only platform that provides you with real quotes from lender offers that our applicants actually qualify for.

Sean Amato

How the application process works 

  1. Fill in loan details 
  2. Fill in personal details 
  3. Choose your lender 
  4. Submit application 
  5. We perform checks
  6. Loan approved

There is a progress bar in the application that continues to fill up as the applicant inputs more personalised information. Applicants have complete transparency of where their application is at.

Range of products and types of machines we can finance

  1. Asset loan
  2. Finance lease
  3. Business working capital loans
  4. New start finance
  5. Fitout funding
  6. Overdrafts / stock funding
  7. Patient Finance / BNPL products

The Australian aesthetic market is underfunded and difficult for sub two years-trading customers to purchase new equipment. We’re here to change that with our AI technology and new funding lines, which are key to driving growth and supporting your business.

Some of the equipment we can finance

  • Laser Equipment
  • Radio Frequency Equipment
  • ND: YAG
  • Body Sculpting
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Medical Grade Laser Equipment
  • IPL
  • Vehicles and luxury cars

New starts or trading from 3 months

Traditionally, new starts have struggled to raise finance at competitive rates – or at all. have access to a unique funding line to offer those newer applicants that might be renting a device or looking to add more services the opportunity to purchase the latest technology. Lack of capital is no longer a problem for funding expansion, taking on opportunities or launching a new product to the market. Capital is available up to $150,000 over five years.

The team

Why you should give us a call

  • $8m volume (NAF) per month and growing
  • 25+ applications per day
  • 60+ lenders onboard and connected via our tech platform for instant credit decisions

Make use of EOFY

At, we have been helping businesses just like yours with financing solutions for years now, and navigating EOFY is crucial! Remember that any devices you buy before June 30 can be an instant asset write-off. So if you’ve been thinking about buying the latest tech but haven’t quite got your finance sorted, we can help! Think about what deductions you can claim to help boost your business’ tax return.

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