Treatment Upsells That Take No Extra Time

For any service provider, creating efficiency throughout your schedule is key not only to maximising your bottom line, but creating a smooth chain of operations, a well-run team, and allowing for as many treatments to be booked on any given day as possible. Also crucial for any service provider, is ensuring that clients feel taken care of, providing a personalised experience and not leaving clients under the impression that they (or their treatment) have been rushed. And of course, ensuring your team isn’t pushed to breaking point.

Upselling add-on services can be a great way to maximise your bookings and increase your bottom line – the client is already there with you and you’ve spent the time establishing that relationship. Although in a fast-paced spa or clinic, upselling add-on treatments when the appointment book is full can wreak havoc and cause major stress throughout your team, but depending on the type of appointment, there are certain small add-ons that can be upsold into existing bookings without adding any extra time whatsoever. For example:

How about an eye treatment during a lash tint? This is one of the easiest upsells imaginable, it will barely add seconds to your treatment time, particularly if you have the convenience of active eye sheet masks or pads that allow tint to be applied directly over the top of them, like Babor’s Skinnovage Refreshing Eye Pads. If your eye treatments are active and fast-working, all you need are those 15 minutes of development to make a big difference and a very happy client.

A Lash Lift is also a great opportunity to perform an add-on like a paraffin hand treatment, as therapists have several periods of down-time that could be better spent elsewhere. After gluing lashes and applying perm solution, therapists can use those 5-8 minutes of development to apply the paraffin and mitts, which can then stay on the client until the setting solution has been removed and tint is applied to the lashes, with paraffin removal and hot towel cleanse being carried out during tint development time.

If you incorporate a head and scalp massage during your facial or massage treatments, why not ask your clients if they’d like a hair treatment? Hair masks or nourishing treatments can be applied to ends before beginning on the scalp, slowly working it throughout your clients locks as you go. As a no-extra-time add-on, we would recommend a leave-in treatment as opposed to one that requires removal.


Another prime upsell opportunity is the accompaniment of any service that requires anaesthetic – as you know, this often requires up to 30 minutes on the skin before commencing treatment. During this time, plenty of clients may be inclined to spend their wait time doing something more productive. Waiting for anaesthetic for facial procedures like feather brows or injectables might provide a nice opportunity for something like a foot soak & moisture treatment, while those waiting for body treatments may enjoy a quick Omnilux session (just 20 minutes).

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