This New Sydney Clinic Will Transport You To Paris

Artisanal aesthetics are taken to new heights in this luxury face and body lounge.

The Rue de Seine and streets of Paris have been out of reach for so many of us for quite a while now. But this Sutherland Shire-based luxury clinic is bringing the Parisian atmosphere to Sydney.

St.Germain has made it their mission to set themselves apart from the standard clinic, opting for a chic, minimalist aesthetic filled with light, abstract shapes and textural finishes. The clinic is complete with a curated menu of potent treatments, world-class therapists and a soothing, ambient space like no other.

“My time in St.Germain has stuck with me, and I just knew it was the perfect name for my own work of art,” says founder Maryanne Petsinis. “Our salon is light, fresh, youthful and filled with wonderful people, treatments and products for you to experience.”

The aesthetic clinic offers a range of industry-favourite treatments, including HydraFacial, skin needling and IPL rejuvenation, as well as cosmetic injectables such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatment and PDO threads. But the St.Germain Signature Facial redefines flawless, glowing skin and offers a completely tailored treatment to target each and every client’s skin concerns.

We spoke with Petsinis to garner some insight into St.Germain’s inspiration, signature touches and what’s next for the newly-opened aesthetic clinic.

What is the inspiration behind St.Germain and what makes the spa “Parisian”?

MP: When I was travelling to Paris and visiting places with beautiful architecture and culture, it inspired me to bring back an essence of the city St.Germain and create my own Parisian work of art back home in the Sutherland Shire in the form of a stunning artisan aesthetic clinic.

Can you please talk us through your signature treatment?

MP: Our St.Germain signature treatment captures the soul from within. A treatment designed for every individual, it is tailored to suit the skin using premium products and a process that begins with gentle steaming that prepares the skin, before endeavouring on a journey of cleansing, exfoliating and massaging, followed by an infusion of nutrients, and LED therapy to complete the tailored skin treatment.

What inspired you to get into this industry and what has your journey looked like so far?

MP: As an entrepreneur, I found that there was an avenue in the industry to create a brand that aims to help people feel more confident in every aspect of their life. I wanted to work closely with people to achieve this and help them feel confident in something important such as their appearance.

What makes St.Germain stand out?

MP: St.Germain Lounge isn’t just a clinic, it’s a space to relax and enjoy with complete understanding and compassion. Our personality and voice is confident and intelligent, with a touch of fun and light-heartedness that helps create a sense of calm amongst the fear or concerns that many of our clients may be feeling. Most importantly, we understand the vulnerability of the clients, specifically when it comes to skin concerns which can really hinder an individual’s life. We always promise to be honest and transparent with our clients using clear and concise language that educates them on what and how we can help them.

ST.Germain aesthetic

Your slogan is “Feel beautiful. Live Confidently.” What does this mean to you and how does St.Germain embody this?

MP: At St.Germain we work closely with our clients to create a comfortable, relaxed and supportive environment, alongside a range of cosmetic medical treatments such as injectables, skincare and body treatments. We use only the highest quality products that encourage people to feel more beautiful in their own skin, allowing them to live their lives more confidently.

What are your plans for the future of St. Germain?

MP: We can’t wait to see St.Germain flourish. This business truly is my dream and I’m beyond excited to see it expand to more destinations, giving even more clients accessibility to the St.Germain experience.


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