The Aesthetik Skin and Laser Interior Defines An Old Meets New Concept

Take a look inside the inspiring Aesthetik Skin and Laser clinic. 

Opened by mother and daughter team, Laura and Jenny Alonso, Aesthetik Skin and Laser in Coburg, Victoria, brings together heritage features, design elements inspired by ancient spa rituals and a modern approach to satisfying client demands.

Ceiling mounted faucets embrace traditional spa rituals in the Aesthetik space.

“I have been in the industry for eleven years and worked in a variety of settings. Throughout this time I have met so many lovely clients from all walks of life, and each with different expectations. This combined experience together with my own personal values, allowed me to develop the vision for my own clinic. We wanted to create a space that was warm, welcoming and safe. A space where our clients could nourish their mind and body and feel transported to a sanctuary where they can just simply relax and celebrate oneself,” shared Laura. 

The brand Identity was developed in-house by the multidisciplinary team at Joanne Motee according to the values and vision of the customer experience, creating a fully integrated visual experience. 

“Joanne Motee, our Interior Designer was amazing! She made the process easy and fun. We knew all the elements we wanted within the clinic, but we did not have the skill to execute it. Joanne went above and beyond, and successfully accomplished the vision and brought it to life,” says Jenny. 

“The design offers a nurturing and nourishing experience, celebrating the imperfections of different forms and reinforcing the brand’s focus on services and the personal perception of individual beauty. It creates a refuge, sanctuary and place to celebrate oneself. Every detail was considered by the practice to ensure the design is an essential part of the larger Aesthetik narrative of purity and simplicity,” shares Joanne. 

The gorgeous heritage details of the Aesthetik space play an important role in the design as Joanne and her team allowed them to shine.

“Purposefully untouched, the heritage building is enhanced only by colour. Decorative Victorian details appeal to timeless beauty. Solid walls masked with a bespoke finish and organically brushed with Ombre treatment suggest the celebration of many skin tonalities while offering a sense of age in its colour fade,” says Joanne.

“There is a sense of ceremony as staff work between spaces, drawing water from the ceiling- mounted faucets as did traditional aestheticians, embracing their dexterity while clients watch the preparation of their personalised treatments.”

The Aesthetik Skin and Laser interiors were brought to life by Joanne Motee and her team.

Though the stop and start of Melbourne’s on-again, off-again lockdowns pushed the fit-out to a nine-month job, Laura and Jenny were ecstatic to finally be able to open their doors and welcome clients into their space. The transformation of their space has certainly been the most rewarding part of the experience with the ladies telling us their favourite part of the process was “watching our space transform from what was basically a run-down shell, to what now looks and feels like a warm refuge of tranquillity.”

“It was also very rewarding to add our own personal touch of installing all the cane detail throughout the clinic ourselves; a huge challenge, but a very proud mum and daughter achievement,” shares Laura and Jenny. 


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