SPA+CLINIC Is Partnering With ABIC

Exciting news: We’ve teamed up with ABIC to support the industry together!

You might have already read about it in our newest issue: SPA+CLINIC is excited to be an official Foundation Member of the Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC). It’s a partnership that just makes sense, here’s why:

For 23 years, SPA+CLINIC has been the leading publication for aesthetic and wellness professionals. In all that we do, whether that’s our quarterly magazine, our daily digital content, or our social media communication, we aim to support our readers in not only improving as practitioners, but also in bettering this industry. We do this through education, information, and inspiration; by giving people who make up this industry a voice and amplifying it.

ABIC, while much younger, is perfectly aligned with this. Founded last year, ABIC’s goal is to unite all different facets of the industry, such as beauty, dermal, surgical etc, in order to better achieve our collective goals. Created for the industry, by the industry, ABIC Board Members (headed by CEO Stefanie Milla) are all highly experienced and considered pioneers in their field. Those Board Members volunteer their time and skills to meet weekly in order to stay afloat of constant industry changes, mandate updates, and meetings with government, ensuring ABIC always stays ahead of the curve.

This partnership is truly special because of the alignment of our primary values, being the fostering of unity and strength for the professional beauty and aesthetic industry through transparent communication and the power of information.

Stefanie Milla, CEO ABIC

The industry has always grappled with rapid change, unsuitable regulations, and major inconsistencies between states. The creating of ABIC means that there is now a united front and established connection with government and the opportunity to shape laws, mandates, and regulations. SPA+CLINIC adds the level of media representation to further strengthen this united front.

“SPA+CLINIC have been a steadfast and progressive presence in our field, and ABIC are so proud to share with them, the collective mission to advance our industry well into the future. Exciting things are sure to come of this collaboration!” says Milla.

And more than that, ABIC and SPA+CLINIC are about community.

“We look forward to collaborating and offering members the opportunity to share their views, news, and growth. Being a Foundation Member means we are at the forefront of new developments and relevant topics to share with our readers. We will continue to be your go-to publication for industry news and look forward to connecting with even more of you through this partnership with ABIC,” concludes SPA+CLINIC Managing Editor, Nadine Dilong.

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