7 Christmas Party Alternatives Because COVID

It’s the Grinch who stole Christmas, not COVID.

While a traditional Christmas party might not be on the cards this year, there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate. Whether it’s to keep costs down or be socially responsible in limiting the spread of germs, here are seven Christmas party alternatives.

1. A mufti day

Half of the fun of the work Christmas party is choosing an outfit for it (at least in our opinion). Let your staff have a mufti day instead of the traditional Christmas shindig. You could even set a theme or a prize for the best dressed.

2. Have a picnic

via Instagram/ @_thepicniclub

Did you know that picnic rug sales increased by 400 per cent in 2020? That’s a lie, but the humble picnic has had a resurgence this year. A picnic is an excellent COVID-safe Christmas party as it’s outside, and you don’t need to book three months in advance to secure a spot on *the grass*. You can either set it up and cater for it yourself (even ask the team to pitch in), or there are businesses that specialise in boutique and bespoke picnics.

3. Put on a lunch

Fat Friday but on a Wednesday? Supplying a lunch spread from your team’s favourite local takeaway joint is a fuss-free alternative. It’s lower in costs than a bar tab at a swanky restaurant but is still a nice gesture to show your appreciation for your team’s hard work throughout the year.

4. Individual pamper packs

If there is one thing you know how to do, it’s to pamper people. Organise a personalised pamper pack for each of your staff to take home. It could include their favourite drop, a nice bath bomb or even a custom face mask you have mixed up. Create and share a playlist to soundtrack the evening, and there you go. You’re the boss of the year!

5. A wrapping party

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For some people, wrapping Christmas presents is a chore, and for others, well, it’s better than Christmas itself. Set a date for your team to wrap their Christmas presents together. Set up an eco-friendly wrapping station, crank up the carols and provide some nibbles. Plus, this holds everyone accountable to complete their shopping on time. Christmas Eve can then be spent on the couch pecking on tomorrow’s food prep, and not a last-minute dash around Westfield.

6. Celebrate a different season

We understand this year has been incredibly tough on business owners, and you might not feel like celebrating it at all. That’s okay too. Let your staff know that you will postpone your Christmas party to another date in the new year when everyone is in better spirits, and you can go all out!

7. Donate to a charitable cause

Via Instagram/ @kmart.wishing.tree.appeal

On the flip side, this year might have been your most successful in business yet! Donating the money you’d usually spend on a Christmas party to a cause you’re passionate about is a nice way to pay the love forward. And while we do enjoy the buzz of an Aperol Spritz, nothing can beat the high of doing a good deed.

Would you try any of these Christmas party alternatives? Or do you have an idea we NEED to hear? Let us know in the comments below.


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