Say Hello To The SPA+CLINIC August Issue

SPA+CLINIC August is here, and it’s full of the latest news, education and inspiration to see you through the next few months.

We are always amazed by the strength and resilience this industry demonstrates during times of adversity. SPA+CLINIC hopes to be a guiding light during some of the darkest times.

With most of Australia still grappling with the uncertainty COVID-19 brings to clinic life, we have focused the August issue on not only getting you through the next few months but ensuring you come out on the other side stronger. Our hearts go out to the Melbourne clinics who are enduring a second lockdown while watching other states return to some version of normalcy.

With this being said, we would like to leave you with some parting words from our Editor Nadine Dilong – “As we slowly but steadily leave winter behind and get closer to spring, I hope the second half of the year will look brighter for all of us.”

Yes, spring is coming. Let the sun shine on your skin (slathered in a generous amount of SPF) and may it mark a new beginning. You have got this.

If you are subscribed to SPA+CLINIC via print, you should receive your copy of our August edition in the next few days – until then, view it online below for free.

Uptown Manse

If you have a soft spot for pink, this one is for you. We spoke to the owner of Manse Uptown Dr Naomi McCullen on how she created the clinic interior of our dreams.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

As most of us navigate the new world of working from home, we hear the stories behind three women who set up clinics in the comfort of their home.

The 3 Pillars Of Successful Spa Reopenings

With the majority of spas having reopened post COVID-19-closures, operations need to adapt to the new norm. Spa designer Sam Margulies explains what matters now.

A Clean And Green Future With BABOR

Clean beauty is a hot topic right now. We spoke to Dr Andrea Weber, head of Science Consultation & Innovation division at BABOR, who reveals the facts behind the catchphrase.

Destination Wow!

Just because we can’t travel doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Take a peek inside some of the new spas and wellness retreats from around the world scheduled to open in the next few years.

Acne Scarring And How To Treat It

The discolouration and bumps left behind after bad acne can be a long-lasting problem for patients. We ask skin professionals about their most effective treatments to combat acne scars.

Contactless Treatments

In an industry where skin to skin contact is a big part of the job, we explore ‘no-touch treatments’.


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