Retail Events Like These Could Increase Your Sales

Clinics are partnering with brands to create exciting in clinic retail events that champion education and boost sales.

Retail is an important part of any spa or clinic offering a chance to increase revenue and improve client results with a take home regime and complimentary products curated for them.

But in our time poor society where clients are rushing for the door after treatments, it can be hard to engage them with your product offering.

That’s where in-clinic retail events come in. A rising trend, hosting your clients after hours is proving to be an effective way to get them excited about your retail offering while delivering further education that informs their purchasing.

SM Aesthetics Lab, a medical spa in Sydney’s Crows Nest, is a great example of how collaborating with your retail partners can better engage clients.

“We always wanted to be a trusted and comfortable place for our clients. So, hosting events was a natural step to further engage with our community and develop those relationships,” says SM Aesthetics Lab.

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity for our clients to network with like-minded people. And, for us as business owners to get to know them further because clients stay loyal to people they know.”

Carefully choosing their collaborations has been the key to providing true value to clients.

Fiona Tuck Retail Event
Fiona Tuck presenting at an SM Aesthetics Lab event.

“We are very selective with who we choose to partner or collaborate with. Both businesses’ values and objectives must align so we can promote the right message to our community.”

“During our skin consultations a lot of clients ask about nutrition and gut health and its link to what they see on their skin. So, we saw an opportunity to further help our clients by hosting an event where they could meet a nutritionist and skin expert.

“Information is so readily available on the internet these days but it’s hard to know who a reputable source is. At our evening with Australian nutritionist Fiona Tuck from Vita-sol, attendees were able to approach her afterwards to discuss their own personal concerns and goals.”

In-clinic retail events prove to be beneficial for everyone involved.

“The biggest benefit of any partnership or collaboration [on an event] is being able to increase exposure and brand awareness. And, furthering a brand’s customer base to people they potentially could not have reached otherwise.

“It’s an opportunity to educate, engage and delight new clients and the trust is already instilled in the client due to the partner affiliation. This can lead to an increase in sales – a major benefit for any business.”

Michelle Reeve, founder of Waterlily and SpaCeuticals, is also a champion of in-clinic events.

“In-clinic events are an important way to activate a salon or spa’s marketing calendar throughout the year. And, collaborative events with other local businesses support the community with the prospect of broadening your database,” says Michelle. “Events build loyalty with the spa and salon’s guests and create traction in social media. They also create rebooking opportunities, all while activating and energising their database

“Immediate bottom line benefits are seen in retail sales revenue and treatment bookings, especially packages and upgrades.”

Michelle highlights the importance of working with collaborators that are on the same page and looking for the same outcomes from your event.

An engaged crowd at a Bump Day Spa event in collaboration with Waterlily.

“Know what you want to achieve from your event; is it a celebration, education, increasing treatment bookings, a product launch or promoting retail sales? Include your stockists in the planning and be clear with them in regards to your outcome so they can know how best to serve and support you.

“As part of the Waterlily partnership we are proactive in supporting ways our stockists can activate their database. Hosting in-clinic events is a great way of providing this business support.  To ensure these events are a success, we provide merchandise, collateral, promotional items along with incentive gifts, GWP’s and lucky door prizes.

“Guests really appreciate the VIP experience of being invited to an exclusive event.”

With the evidence stacking up that retail events are beneficial for both brands and clinics, along with their clients, it could be just the thing you need to boost retail sales in your space.


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