Nailing Your Text Message Marketing

As a savvy business owner or decision-maker within your practice, you would be constantly on the lookout for outdated methods that may need tweaking, or new processes that should be implemented in order to adapt and stay current. One of these may just be text marketing.

On how many occasions do you catch up with a friend or colleague nowadays and they respond to your ‘how are you?’ greeting with “busy!”? Your clients are the same – we are all simply too busy. This is one of several reasons why text marketing can be such an effective way to communicate with your clients. It doesn’t require them to check their (often overflowing!) inbox, it’s instant, concise, and easy to respond to – if one is required. In fact, according to Timely booking software, 99% of the text messages you send your clients get opened, often within the first 3 minutes of being received.

Where To Use Text Marketing
Appointment reminders – perfect 24-48 hours prior to appointments. Make sure to include a yes/no mechanism, and contact info for any rescheduling options.

Post-appointment – show your gratitude to new clients for visiting with a little thank you message. You could also include some concise aftercare advice, depending on the service.

Checking in – this is a great option for treatments such as laser or injectables (first-time clients) that may show some worrisome results after a few hours or days. Take the opportunity to remind them what is normal, and contact info if they would like to discuss their concerns. Even if they have none, clients will so appreciate your efforts.

Flash offers or last-minute appointments – if you’ve had an appointment become available during a period in which you’re booked out, send out a text so someone can promptly fill the spot. If you have a special offer, do the same. Be sure to include a call to action/direct clients where to go next.

Rebooking reminders – we’re all human – sometimes we simply forget. All it can take is a quick text to remind clients that they are overdue, and they will (hopefully!) reach straight to their calendars.

Tips For Getting It Right
Personalise if possible – ask your booking software provider or automated text service how this can be done. If you can address with a first name, this will elevate your client’s experience in a small way.

Keep it short – the purpose is to keep it simple and easy for clients. They may immediately put you in the ‘too hard basket’ if they see a text longer than a couple of sentences.

Include contact info and a call to action – your clients should be able to take in the message quickly and immediately know what its purpose was and what they should do now. They should also just be able to click to call or email where a response is required, as opposed to looking up contact info themselves.

Send a test first – make sure you see it, proof it, and are happy with it before hitting sending. Don’t forget the importance of correct spelling and grammar – it’s a communication tactic that represents your business as much as any other.

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