8 Effective Ways To Increase Retail Sales In Your Clinic

Retail sales can have a significant impact on your revenue when done right, and boosting your sales doesn’t have to be hard.

Retail sales can be a difficult aspect of running a spa or clinic. Beauty retail giants are only growing by the day and make it hard to compete with their capacity for discounts and reward schemes. Not to mention their visibility online and in local shopping malls. 

But the news isn’t all bad. Feedback consistently shows that people buy from those they trust. And who better to trust with your skin or body care routine than the expert who’s caring for it? 

Here’s how to increase retail sales in your spa or clinic to become more profitable: 

1. Offer treatment and product combos

Like a gift with purchase, packaging a single, duo or even trio of products into the cost of a treatment is an easy way to convince your clients they’re getting added value. The more value you’re offering for a single package price, the more likely people will be to purchase rather than adding up and contemplating the individual costs. 

2. Extend your loyalty program to retail sales

If you offer a loyalty rewards program, such as your 10th treatment half price, or buy 10 get one free, you should be extending it to your retail products. You can create cards just like coffee shops that reward consistent retail purchases and encourage customers to return to you, rather than stop off at one of the big chains. 

3. Create bundles and promotions

The wiggle room that retail mark-up gives you is a great chance to try and increase the order value of each of your clients. There are endless options; offer 15% off when customers purchase their entire skincare routine, bundle together a cleanser, moisturiser and serum for a discount, or give away less successful products as a gift with purchase.

4. Offer a subscription service

Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify and Stan are all proof that people love subscriptions. Clients can sign up to have their chosen products sent to them in regular intervals and receive a discount to commit to multiple re-buys. For example, offer 15% off the total costs of a three-month skincare supply with a minimum commitment of one year (four purchases) The process becomes automated for them and takes away the decision making. 

retail sales area at The Youth Lab, Perth
The retail sales area at The Youth Lab, Perth

5. Give out free samples

Customers love to try before they buy and a free sample is an easy way to encourage them to use something they may not otherwise have been interested in. If you’re confident in the quality of your products, a free sample should be all it takes to make your customers fall in love with a product and decide to come back and buy it. Bonus points if you offer a small discount, say 5%, to customers who purchase products they’ve tried as samples. 

6. Train your staff to talk about your products during the treatment

Education is the key to retail sales and the uninterrupted time during a treatment is a chance to get in some subtle yet beneficial product education. Simply explaining the products you’re using and their at-home compliments can spark interest in purchasing something after the service. 

7. Send top-up reminders when a client should be running low

Just like you’d remind your clients they’re due for their monthly treatment, you can remind them when it may be time to top up their skincare products. Because no one wants to be caught out with an empty tube after all! Estimate how long a product should last and add notes to your client accounts to remind them when they’re next in that they’re probably running low. 

8. Diversify your retail sales offering

Finally, having a great range of products on offer will help to encourage retail spend. It’s not about simply having more products to choose from. In fact, a curated range is simple to navigate and far more attractive then overwhelming shelves stuffed with items. Think about things that compliment your retail skincare products. Items like candles, travel cases, glass water bottle and skincare supplements are all easy add-on sells. 


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