How This Samoan Resort & Spa Keeps Staff Smiling

How this resort is helping both business and community.

Despite the resort being closed and unable to unite with its beloved guests just yet, the owners and management team behind Samoa’s renowned Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa were determined to offer some meaningful experiences during the COVID-19 crisis in order to keep their staff smiling.

Sinalei Marketing and Business Development Manager Nelson Annandale, says ‘aiga’ means family in Samoa, and that this is the cornerstone of existence in the island nation. As part of their rich culture, it was this philosophy that inspired the resort to introduce four new initiatives to keep the passion behind the business thriving, and to lift the spirits of its employees, including:

Family First – “While we’re closed to the public, we’re committed to keeping our workforce employed and we’re actively searching for creative ways to offer additional support to our Sinalei family members and their nearest and dearest throughout these trying times,” said Annandale.

Thrive to Survive – With the help of Business Links Pacific and BDO Accounting Samoa, the resort has put together a business continuity plan that seeks to deliver them through hardship and prepare for the exciting developments that await recovery. Such initiatives include but are not limited to the implementation of new health and safety working standards and thorough training programs for the ultimate wellbeing of all employees and visiting guests in readiness for the new norms that await the world of travel in months to come.

Honest to Goodness – Recognising the need of the wider Samoan community, the resort has initiated an onsite organic vegetable garden and nursery that is open to locals. “With the help of local village farmers, we’ve launched a new green project that aims to provide additional employment and upskilling opportunities for those most in need,” said Annandale explained. “Long-term, it also generates the exciting possibility to introduce ‘farm-to-plate’ experiences and tours for our future guests.”

Feed the Soul – The resort has also set out to raise awareness of the risk of mental health during trying times, including conditions like PTSD. With the help of willing team members, Sinalei has proudly kick-started Samoa’s largest ever ’25-day push up challenge’. “Here at Sinalei, we believe that magic lies in adventure, paying close attention and showing appreciation for the little things,” said Annandale. “With that in mind, we’ve embarked upon this fun and uplifting challenge to remind everyone that although times are tough, together we can and will get through and continue to seize each day with a smile.”

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