How It Works: The Pamper Gift Card

Just in time for the giving season.

How would you like to have a gift card for your spa or clinic sitting in Woolworths and Coles across Australia? You know that anyone would be thrilled to receive one of your treatments as a present, and it’s a no-brainer for the gift-giver as well. Right in front of them is a little card that offers their loved one an hour or two of cherished me-time and they wouldn’t even know their birthday was forgotten (accidentally, of course) in the first place! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, dreams do come true thanks to The Card Network.

The Pamper Gift Card by The Card Network is Australia’s first industry-wide spa, clinic, salon and hair gift card. Unlike other gift cards that are linked to specific businesses, The Pamper Gift Card can be redeemed at any hair and beauty salon across Australia that accepts Eftpos. That is, the over 20,000 beauty and hair businesses currently operating in Australia.

To put this into context, if you are a business that uses Eftpos already (which is practically anyone operating in the 21st century), you can accept The Pamper Card as a form of payment for services. The Card Network does not take a commission, and the full amount of the treatment is settled straight away. The gift cards are available for purchase by consumers online or at Woolworths and Coles stores in denominations of $50 or $100.

This development comes at a time when getting clients through the door is paramount. With the holiday season fast approaching, The Pamper Gift Card puts spas and clinics front of mind for consumers looking for gifting options and gives the industry a much needed boost after months of closures due to COVID-19. The Card Network Founder Nick Sims says The Pamper Card allows the public to show their support for the industry.

“By having the gift cards available in Woolworths and Coles, Australia’s largest gift card sales channels, we’re able to make it convenient for Aussies to get behind their favourite hair and beauty salons at a time when many businesses are trying to get back on their feet. This is more than a short term initiative; this is about providing long term value,” Sims said.

The Pamper Gift Card has been developed in association with The Hair and Beauty Industry Australia (HBIA). General Manager Mark Rippon said, “We see The Pamper Card as the perfect opportunity to support and promote gifting in our salons. As an industry, we’re able to embrace what we do best – pampering our clients – while uplifting spirits at a time when looking after ourselves and others is paramount”.

For more information on how to support the card that supports the industry or to request a kit, click here.

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