Peninsula Hot Springs Finds Perfect Synergy

It took three and a half years for the team at Peninsula Hot Springs in Victoria to source a new skincare line for their day spa.

But after a long journey of trialling numerous potential product lines, they’ve found finally their perfect match.

Last month, Charles Davidson, founder of the holistic healing haven, revealed a new partnership with multi-award winning Australian skincare brand, Synthesis Organics.

The first natural day spa centre in Victoria, Peninsula Hot Springs have collected their own share of prestigious titles too.

Over their 20 years of operation they’ve won ‘best mineral spa’ at the World Luxury Spa Awards several times, as well as an ‘ecotourism’ accolade from the Victorian Tourism Industry Council.

Media attendees (pictured) were treated to a lunch featured Kakadu plum, a key Synthesis Organics ingredient – next attendees were treated to a hot spring bathing experience and Synthesis Organics face or body treatment.

The team at Peninsula Hot Springs celebrated the union with an offical media launch last Thursday.

A 70 minute drive from Melbourne, the establishment capitalises on iconic natural hot springs of the Mornington Peninsula.

It boasts over 30 types of bathing experiences across two facilities and currently services 440 000 guests per year.

One of the waterfalls that surround the hot springs.

“We wanted to align with a beautiful skincare range that had similar values to us,” says Charles Davidson, founder of Peninsula Hot Springs.

“For us that meant finding products that were truly connected to the natural environment, so being certified organic was one of our key criteria in choosing.

[l-r, Charles Davidson, founder of Peninsula Hot Springs, Theme Rains, founder of Synthesis Organics, guest speaker Professor Marc Cohen, and Neal Hoptman, founder of Ontos Retreat]

“Like us, Synthesis Organics is dedicated to restoring wellness by re-connecting people to the natural environment.

“Product formulas in the range wholeheartedly echo this philosophy as ingredients are ethically sourced and seasonally adjusting.”

Professor Marc Cohen discusses the wellness benefits of an organic lifestyle

Professor Marc Cohen, guest speaker at the launch, talked about the health benefits of combining hot spring bathing and an organic lifestyle.

“If you are serious about wellness you must choose certified organic products,” he said.

“Choosing a seemingly trivial skincare product like a cleanser can actually have astounding ripple effects for better or worse.

“Making the ‘right’ decision may keep chemical toxins out of your body and the environment – but the impact doesn’t end there.

“Your purchase can support rainforest restoration, Indigenous communities and local small business, while selecting another cleanser may not.”

The ethos sheds even more light on why the partnership between Peninsula Hot Springs and Synthesis Organics makes so much sense.

“Our native Botanicals are ethically sourced in partnership with Indigenous Australians,” says Theme Rains, creator of the brand.

Synthesis Organics skincare

“My products are formulated for holistic wellbeing and they’re literally a synthesis of all the positive things that have affected my life since early childhood.

“I grew up under the care of a traditional medicine woman in Africa collecting crystals, herbs and participating in ceremonies.

“Throughout my adult life I have immersed myself in the healing arts including aromatherapy, yogic disciplines and honing my craft as a skincare formulator under the guidance of an alchemist.

“I am dedicated to ‘green chemistry’ with extraction methods that harness the unique and effective bio-actives from native botanicals, without compromising their potency or the environment.”

*All Synthesis Organics products are Australian certified organic, Cruelty Free accredited, Vegan Society accredited and Australian made.


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