5 Tips For Recruiting On Instagram

Recruiting times are tough. Seek (from what we hear!) simply isn’t working like it used to, and business owners in the aesthetics industry are struggling to find quality beauty and dermal therapists. Luckily there seems to be a solution of sorts.

More and more often we’re seeing business owners using Instagram as a rather successful tool when trying to find staff, and we can understand why. It’s quick and easy, it’s very shareable, it creates an open dialogue for questions, therapists often already follow spas and clinics that they’re a fan of and would one day want to work for…and best of all – it’s free.

So how do you go about posting a job listing on your Insta? Here are our top 5 tips for getting it right:

  1. Use text to the effect of ‘we’re hiring’ in the graphic you create. Instagram users scroll so fast nowadays that if you use a plain image and just use the words in the caption, you run the risk of it being missed. This will also draw attention to the post for anyone looking at your Instagram grid at a glance – otherwise they won’t know unless they happen to click on the image. Feel free to use a gallery if you’d still like to include some enticing images to appear after your text graphic. Or you could create a video post, to capture more text than you could in just one frame – like this one from Vaia Beauty, Paddington.
  2. Make it pretty – ensure it’s eye catching enough that you force them to stop scrolling for a moment. Include your own unique branding and style, and anything else that makes you ‘you’. It’s particularly important to capture your unique business personality throughout the recruitment process.
  3. Don’t overload the caption with info about your clinic. Keep it concise and include relevant information about the position and what you’re looking for. Interested parties will either a) already know about your clinic if they’re following you or b) can find this info elsewhere once you have their attention.
  4. Include some enticing info on your culture. You’re undoubtedly looking for quality candidates that want to stick with you long-term, and this means they should be attracted to you and your team based on a good cultural fit. This should be the thing that they are most attracted to.
  5. Be clear about what candidates need to do – a call to action is a must. Include a contact name and email, and what they need to send in order to apply (cover letter, resume, diplomas, references etc.)Here are some more examples we love:


While recruiting via social media is far removed from conventional methods, social media is such a key source of information for therapists and practitioners that it shouldn’t be overlooked. And while it may not prove effective for every business, it’s absolutely worth road testing alongside your existing methods and seeing what works best for you. If you’ve successfully found quality candidates through your social media channels, let us know – we’d love to hear your story!

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