5 Easy Ways To Recognise Your Team’s Hard Work

Show your appreciation to your staff with these easy tips. 

What better time than now, when a lot of us are facing a lot of unpredictability, to ensure your team are feeling recognised and confident they’re doing great work? We all know how important it is to feel like your leaders and your team mates appreciate you. But if the stats are anything to go by, many Australians don’t feel like they receive enough recognition in the workplace. 

Statistics also show that team members who do feel like their work is valued are more likely to stay with the business. So, here are some easy ways you can make sure you’re rewarding your team. 

1. Give them shout outs at team meetings

Recognising your staff in front of each other is a great way to ensure they’re feeling appreciated by everyone. Your team meetings are a great opportunity to share client feedback, great sales results or shouting out all of the times your team members have gone the extra mile in the past week. A compliment can really change someone’s day.

2. Offer chances for professional development

Giving your team the chance to improve and move up the ranks, so to say, is one of the best ways to show them you value your work. It can be as simple as having a conversation about their goals and putting a plan into action to improve their skillset, or organising training course, sending your team to conferences or delegating new responsibilities. Understand where your team members want to take their career and reward their passion by providing them a pathway. 

3. Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Look, it’s not the most revolutionary idea to say thank you to your team members by giving them a gift. But that doesn’t mean you have to go with the same old gifts you’ve always chosen. Think outside the box and gift your team something that they’ll really enjoy. A subscription to an online program is always beneficial and something you could tailor to every interest from fitness and meditation programs to language classes or even online cooking classes. 

4. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

It’s great to get acknowledgement from your leaders but the reality of a busy spa or clinic environment is that you’re not always around to catch every great thing your team members do. Giving your team an easy way to call out each other’s hard work can be really satisfying and builds a stronger bond between everyone. 

5. Respect their time off 

It’s not as exciting as gifts or shout-outs but being mindful about your team’s downtime is a really important way to show your thanks and respect. It really is as easy as ensuring your team always take their full lunchbreak with as little interruptions as possible and avoiding contacting them about work things on their days off.

How do you like to recognise your team, or be recognised yourself?


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