5 Easter Promos That Aren’t Chocolate Eggs

Our top Easter-inspired marketing tips to help you tap into the holiday spirit. Hop to it!

As if this year wasn’t flying by fast enough, Easter is now upon us. The April holiday brings with it plenty of family time and a few festive brunches, so it’s safe to say that your clients will be wanting to look and feel their best — and maybe pick up a treat or two for their nearest and dearest.

This year, we’re here to help you tap into the spirit and shake things up a little beyond the basket of chocolate eggs at your front desk. Here, we round up four simple yet effective marketing ideas to help boost your sales and social engagement.

1. Keep it simple with Easter-inspired quips

There are plenty of puns and phrases that come to mind when we think of Easter – and there are so many easy ways to slip them into your captions and emails! Writing a witty caption or two doesn’t take long and you can even offer an irresistible deal using cutesy Easter slang, like the team at Skin Boost have done.

2. Social media Easter egg hunt

Easter Sunday is all about the egg hunts in many households, but why not bring the fun to the adults, too? A social media “Easter egg hunt” is the perfect way to get your followers engaged and level-up your social media marketing strategy. The aim of the game is to keep your followers watching your every digital move. One easy way to get the hunt going is by posting clues each day for up to a week about a particular treatment or product you offer at your spa on your IG story, grid, or in your captions. The first person to guess the treatment will win a free one, or anyone who guesses the word or treatment will get a special Easter discount upon booking any in-store treatment.

3. A “good egg” giveaway

A “pay it forward”-style giveaway is a chance for your clients to unleash their generosity and share the love. Simply post a prompt on your social media, in your weekly eDM or even in-store asking your clients to nominate a friend or colleague who deserves to be pampered. You can then choose how you want to decide the winner (using a digital competition generator or deciding on your favourite submission) and the winner will receive a voucher or free treatment to your spa.

4. Easter treat yo’self

Your clients may need some me-time leading up to and after the long weekend, so now is a great time to offer special in-spa package deals for clients who book a treatment this week. Easter often means more family events and social gatherings, so give your clients a nudge into your spa or clinic with some hard-to-refuse deals, promotions and packages that will help them look their best and feel confident and glowing over the holiday period.

5. Easter-inspired take-home packs

For those clients looking for an at-home pamper or gift to spread the love, take-home packs are a must. Offering Easter-themed gift packs, e.g. “All your eggs in one basket”, gives clients the chance to treat themselves over the long weekend and keep their skin and body glowing between treatments — and who doesn’t love a little self-care?!


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