20 Ways to Make Your Business Memorable

Let’s get real; your customers experience will make or break you! In an industry worth billions and with competitors everywhere, it’s imperative to stay on top of your game in order to keep clients happy and wanting more. Founder of Beauty Check, Kylie Nicastro, has 20 tips on how to up your customer service game and stay memorable.

Attention to detail
It’s all in the small things! Have your client thinking of you well after their treatment has ended. For example, a business labelled bottle of water to take after the treatment instead of having to rush a glass before leaving will add perceived value to their experience and will have you remembered.

Market your strengths
Work smarter, not harder.  A quick way to see where your strengths lie is to look at your sales. What service are you performing the most? Design your marketing strategy around this. Laser focus builds momentum. Make it exceptional.

Loyalty programmes are all well and good; however, giving an unexpected free upgrade to a treatment is an inexpensive way to make your ‘regular’ client feel valued. Hosting VIP events encouraging clients to bring along friends for new promotions and/or special pamper nights is another great way to have them feel appreciated.

Word of mouth
89% of people (in Beauty Check’s recent survey) are turning to friends and family for beauty recommendations. This proves what we all know; word of mouth is the greatest and cheapest form of advertising. Use this to your advantage. Educate clients on what’s new and encourage them to advise if they would like to see these services within your spa, clinic or salon.

Spa menus
Ensure you have accurately advertised all services. It will determine if you measure up in your clients’ eyes. Surpassing their expectations will always make you memorable.

How’s your brand?
From your website to the treatment room, consistency is key. The theme, colour palette, even the font you use needs to be the same across the board. This ensures your brand is memorable and instantly recognisable.

Staff check
Clients can sense complacent staff. Check in regularly; do all staff feel part of a thriving team? Do they feel listened to and appreciated? Happy staff will flood through your business which in turn will positively affect your client and how they remember their overall experience with you.

Though specific techniques are rarely noticed by the average client, everyone notices inconsistencies to previous treatments. Keep on top of staff training.  If your spa offers double rooms, it is imperative your therapists stay in sync and deliver the same treatment. Keep in mind, your clients’ senses are heightened when relaxed and they will compare afterwards.

Stay on trend
What new treatments are being advertised at expos, magazines or online? Have you got samples of upcoming products? Engage with your clients using sample or promotional material to get instant feedback.

Share the love
Affiliate with other local businesses. It’s a great way to expand your exposure and tap into other business’ client bases. For example, a florist can easily onsell a treatment voucher with a flower arrangement.

Community spirit
Supporting schools and local events connects people on a compassionate level, which in turn makes you highly memorable.

Get behind a cause
Be known for supporting a specific cause that links well with your mission statement. For example: environmental, specific cures, or only promoting ethical, sustainable products. People (especially Gen Z) are more likely to support you knowing they’re helping this special cause.

Online customer connection
The wonderful world of e-marketing! Keep your social media posts regular, classy, and on-point to what you’re currently offering. Having specific promotions for online customers will increase your likes and make them feel special for following.

Precious time
Reduce spending unpaid time trying to sell products. Book clients in for a professional 15min consult with a voucher of equal value to purchase products bought on the same day. The person will feel they’re truly being looked after and you have secured an automatic sale for your time.

Value for money
Everyone wants value for money. Listen to your clients and educate them as to what they would benefit most from.

Turn complaints into commendations
A staggering 3 in 4 people will not give feedback. So if you’re advised someone has had a bad experience, be empathetic and find a solution fast. Being seen as a business that makes every effort for their client will make a lasting impression.

Unique signature treatment
Signature treatments create an indulgent experience that clients cannot find elsewhere. It also makes it hard to compare you to others. This is a great way to generate new clients to your spa (after all, we’re naturally curious creatures). A simple technique to use when creating a signature treatment is to indulge all five senses.

Make it easy
People lead very busy lives. Incorporating booking apps to allow clients to schedule their own appointments is very convenient. Convenience is memorable. Apps also send direct reminders to the client saving you time and can also include 24-hour cancellation fees.

Keep it personal
Having detailed customer profiles personalises clients’ experiences. Note important things they say so you can mention it on their next visit. Building friendly relationships with your clients and showing interest in their lives can help you tailor treatments to their needs.

Know your stuff
Staff need to handle questions confidently, without jargon. Keep it simple. Create realistic expectations for your clients. You will be remembered for your honesty and professionalism and your clients will feel that you genuinely care.

Business owners can all too easily rely on old patterns to get through their busy week. However, Beauty Check’s recent stats show this is a sure way of losing repeat clientele. A fresh eyed, innovative approach to improve your customer’s experience is often all you need. After all, ultimate growth is in repeat business and repeat business only comes from being memorable.

Kylie Nicastro is the Founder and Business Development Manager at professional beauty business review service Beauty Check. beautycheck.com.au

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