15 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Working In Beauty During December

Capturing all the highs and lows of working in a spa or clinic in December, in the form of gifs.

December in the professional beauty industry has a certain haze to it. The temperature is rising, the buzz for Christmas is building and every one is excited for the break. There is also the madness of it all. Your final appointments are snapped up, and by December 23rd, you’re practically running on coffee and the Lindt chocolate from your clients’ gifts.

So to give you that extra push to get through the final weeks of the year that had 73 months, or just provide a much-needed laugh, here are 15 gifs that perfectly sum up what it’s like working in beauty during December.

1. Walking into work ready to slay the day 

You’ve got this! 

2. Then you check the bookings for the day and it’s jam packed

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.

3. But you realise your team are there to help you through it all

Sometimes you just need a bit of perspective. 

4. And there is always coffee

It truly makes the world go round. 

5. When your favourite client rocks up

All mothers say they don’t have a favourite even though they secretly do. It’s the same for your clients. 

6. Everything is running smoothly

It’s the dream team, right here.

7. But then you get off the phone with the client who just cancelled their 11:30 appointment and it’s 11:27

*Sighs in therapist*

8. It’s alright, Mariah is there to get you through it

It doesn’t matter that this is the eighth time you’ve heard All I Want For Christmas Is You today. It’s still a jam.

9. When your boss catches you having a little midday treatment of your own

Even the pamperer needs some pampering from time to time. 

10. Coming back from your lunch break to show the rest of the team your Christmas bargain

“It’s a Christmas present, I promise.”

11. When your client tells you how much you’ve changed their skin for the better this year

And you want to act like this.

12. But in reality, you look like this

 Being smooth is overrated, anyway.

13. When your last client for the year comes in for their appointment

It’s finally happening.

14. Saying goodbye to your work besties before the break

After this year, you feel connected with them on a new level, and you don’t know how you’ll survive the break without them. But let’s face it, you’ll probs text them tomorrow.

15. Walking out of work for the last time this year

Time for a well-deserved break.


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