Why You Should Be Cautious When Patients Request A ‘Fox Eye’

Three of the latest trends you should be on the look out for.

The concept of ‘a trend’ is fickle. One minute, something is ‘in’, and then five minutes later, it’s overtaken by the next big thing. When it comes to fashion and beauty, trends are mostly harmless. Clothes can be taken off, as can makeup. However, in the aesthetics industry, the latest trend can stay with a patient for a lifetime.

Cosmetic physician and founder of Youth Lab, Dr Kate Jameson, commented on the current cosmetic trends in a recent Instagram post. She highlights how some of the most popular trends only suit certain features and explains why it’s essential to manage expectations when a client requests these looks. Honesty is always the best policy.

“Ultimately, a consultation and anatomically appropriate treatment with a trusted injector will deliver beautiful results for most people,” she said.

As injectors, you have the power to alter a patient’s aesthetic, but you enter into a grey territory when you start to change their ethnicity. In saying that, here are three cosmetic trends you should be mindful of when fielding enquiries from patients.

The ‘Fox Eye’

The ‘fox eye’ is a trend that has become synonymous with model Bella Hadid. It consists of a slanted, upturned look; one that isn’t natural on Bella, at least for someone of her background. It’s important to note this trend, either achieved through makeup or cosmetic work, is highly criticised as cultural appropriation of Asian features. Dr Kate says it’s also unrealistic and unachievable on most of her patients.

“The results of this ‘browlift’ are realistically achieved by a surgical procedure [endoscopic brow lift],” Dr Kate said.

The only non-surgical options for this look are muscle relaxants or PDO threads she adds.

“PDO threads for a brow lift can often give dramatic instant results; however, longevity is disappointing with the skin often returning to normal within a few months,” she adds.

The ‘Russian Lip’

The ‘Russian lip’ is a look categorised by a heart-shaped cupid’s bow and volume in the centre of the lip. The Russian Doll (we are sensing a theme here) is the inspiration behind the look and name. Dr Kate says this technique isn’t new and is used by most injectors for lip filler.

“The technique of ‘tenting’ into the lip and avoiding the vermilion border is a common technique which most injectors use for the right lip. I feel many patients have unrealistic expectations about what these techniques can achieve,” she said.

She warns that most before and afters on Instagram are heavily edited, which is why it’s important to manage a patient’s expectations whenever they requests a ‘Russian Lip’.

The Flip-Lip

While the ‘Russian lip’ uses filler to achieve fullness, the flip-lip uses anti-wrinkle injections to add height, and Kate says many patients have sub- optimal results.

“Injections into this muscle is effective for preventing perioral lines but will only last 6-weeks due to the low dose of relaxant used,” she said.

She even says some don’t like the sensation of not being able to purse their lips or drink from a straw. These are the things most patients will not consider when they see a trend, and it’s necessary to disclose this information before they commit.

Featured image via Instagram @bellahadid


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