Why Sleep&Glow’s Pillow Is Loved By Plastic Surgeons Globally

“Protect your facial aesthetic surgery and medispa treatments.”

According to research, side sleeping can contribute to the formation of facial wrinkles and even play a role in facial distortion. To combat this, Sleep&Glow‘s patented 3D designs has been created to minimise skin creasing and compression during sleep.

The Sleep&Glow range features two styles: Aula for sleeping on your back and Omnia for both side and back sleeping.

Pictured: Sleep&Glow’s Omnia Pillow is designed for back and side sleeping.
Image credit: Supplied.
Pictured: Sleep&Glow’s Aula Pillow supports the head to stay elevated during back sleeping.
Image credit: Supplied.

Developed in collaboration with cosmetologists, orthopaedists and sleep specialists, the pillow range is constructed from top-quality foam. Additional foam inserts are also available so that the design can be perfectly tailored to each individual for best results.

“When you sleep, blood flow is increased but you don’t want blood flow to collect under your eyes so that wake up with a puffy face or puffy bags under your eyes,” says Dr Sugai in a YouTube review about Sleep&Glow.

“[Sleep&Glow’s pillow] has a neck support and side bolsters to help support you and prevent you from moving your head to the side and smooshing your face,” he continues.

During sleep, the face can be “smooshed,” says Dr Sugai.
Image credit: Supplied.

Speaking about the Sleep&Glow pillows in a YouTube video, California-based Dr Jay Calvert also explains why he thinks the pillow could be a good at-home recommendation for patients. It can help “protect your facial aesthetic surgery and medispa treatments like Botox and fillers as well as surgery like facelifts and rhinoplasty,” says Dr Calvert.

“For those of you who get [anti-wrinkle injections], lasers and fillers and all of those other facial aesthetic procedures, you might want to have something that protects your investment,” Dr Calvert finishes.

So if you’re looking for a relevant addition to your post-treatment retail section, a Sleep&Glow Pillow is a great idea – we’re sure your patients will appreciate it.

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