Why At-Home LED Masks Aren’t A Threat To Professional Skincare Services

Renowned Australian physician and founder of The Manse Clinics, Dr Naomi McCullum, weighs in on the debate.

In recent times, at-home LED treatment devices have grown wildly popular. With benefits including boosting collagen production, nixing acne, and promoting healing, it’s no surprise light therapy masks are flying off shelves. 

But, if you’re a skin clinic or spa owner, you may have wondered whether these DIY devices could take business away from your venue.

Well, the answer is no – according to renowned Australian physician and founder of Sydney’s The Manse Clinics, Dr Naomi McCullum. In reality, as Dr Naomi explains, LED masks can actually complement professional treatments.

“I don’t believe clients having at-home LEDs will affect the in-clinic business. I think it’s similar to saying if the clients use at-home skincare will they make fewer business bookings. Beauty-achieving clients want to keep achieving,” Dr Naomi tells SPA+CLINIC.

Instead of feeling worried about home treatments detracting from business bookings, Dr Naomi suggests skincare professionals encourage and advise clients on what they can do to maximise their results.

“I think [clinics] should be concerned about what their clients are doing at home and optimising it. They are there to educate and guide clients to get the best results for their skin. Let’s say the client comes in for one day every 30 or 60 days, the experts should be the ones telling them how to manage their skin on the other 29-59 days,” says Dr Naomi.

Dr Naomi also recommends that her clients use at-home LED following “any in-clinic treatments where there is swelling, inflammation or healing required.”

Dr Naomi is such a big believer in the importance of at-home skincare that she launched her own range back in 2021 which includes an LED mask. After which, she’s found her business to be “unaffected by selling LED masks. They are great for healing after in-clinic treatments, so it all works very well together.”

“In-clinic and at-home care are different things, clients should be doing both.”

Convinced it’s time to actively start recommending LED masks to your clients? Dr Naomi has some advice to keep in mind when choosing products – based on her own experience developing an LED mask.

“When we were creating our Dr Naomi Skin LED It Glow Mask, the parameters we optimised included the scientific aspects like efficacy, using the most studied wavelengths, the most appropriate irradiance level, the functional aspects of design like comfort and ease of use and, the aesthetic aspects of the design – because we are selling to the beauty-achieving population, we wanted to make it look cute.”

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