Valentine’s Day: Strike Your Biz With Cupid’s Arrow

Like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day is an occasion celebrated by the aesthetics industry as a bonanza for business.

Special days in the calendar are a fantastic way to engage a new demographic of customers, ramp up retail sales and of course, show your exisiting clients how much you love them.

Le Salon & Medi Spa in Hunters Hill, Sydney has a stunning Valentine’s Day window display made with handcrafted paper flowers


The decorations signifies to shoppers and potential clients that this is a handy one stop shop for anyone stuck for V-Day ideas

Since February 14 falls so soon after the frenzy of the festive season, you might not have had time to finalise your promotional plan for the year yet.

If not, it might be too late to design a stunning window display or offer an elaborate package this late in the game. But don’t worry – you can still capitalise on Cupid’s favourite time of year.

Here are some last minute tips:

Win Over Your Walk-Ins

You are probably already seeing an influx of “one off walk-ins” on the hunt for a present for their sweetheart.

You can maximise the opportunity and ensure they leave with a positive impression.

“Be careful not to overkill with a sales spiel,” warns Ricky Allen, health psychologist and aesthetics industry marketing consultant.

“If they have come in to buy a candle for their loved one, don’t try and sell them a treatment! You’ll scare them and risk losing out on any purchase at all.

“Instead, go for a much softer approach. You can gently entice them back by including your treatment menu in the carrier bag and offering.

The Good Mannered Gift Card

Ensure your Valentine’s Day gift cards contains the right message and makes the receiver feel special.

“The message of the occasion is love and caring, so it’s very important that the voucher should be about pampering, relaxation or a mani/pedi that their partner wouldn’t normally have time to do,” says Ricky.

“It should not be a voucher for a treatment that is anti-ageing or anything related to improving their appearance.

“To mark the occasion, spas should create gift cards that are for Valentine’s Day only – they might have a heart on them, or perhaps a silk flower attached. This will make the giver feel confident in gifting it to their special person.

“As most spas have some male clients, make a few variations of the voucher – some from him to give to her, some for her to give to him, or gender neutral.”

Smell The Roses

Ricky has sweetly scented advice for making your shopfront look festive on the day while showing the love to your clients.

“Buy a stack of red roses, and gift one to every client who comes in on Valentine’s Day,” she suggests.

Attract More Men

There’s a good chance you already have a few blokes frequenting your biz, but Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to attract more.

Making your spa or salon a handy one-stop-shop for clients looking to spoil their man is a nod to the boom in male aesthetics.

The men’s grooming industry is currently worth US $21.4 billion, globally, which is predicted to snowball over the next few years.

“Around special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day, you can really talk about men’s skincare and the benefits to your female clients,”says Courtney Lennan, CEO of Luxe Communications, a marketing consultant to a portfolio of beauty (Payot and Luzern skincare) and wellness business professionals.

“Have man-friendly gift packs on hand with a sampling of products from a dedicated men’s range,” says Courtney.

“It’s a long-lead selling technique which can lead to a product sale or future appointment.

“Dedicate a section for men’s skincare and grooming and style it in a masculine way. Not only men, but women on the hunt for a gift for their partner will gravitate towards it.”

Professional skincare brands make capitalising on the boom easy!

These two hydrating partners from Payot are fast absorbing with anti-ageing and sebum regulating ingredients. They are fragranced with fresh notes of cardamon and cedar wood.

In its sleek, dark packaging, The Payot Homme Optimale collection makes a stunning gift. It looks the part and is formulated for men’s skin which contains more sebaceous glands.

“The exotic aroma of Australian tea tree, eucalyptus and the silky smooth texture of aloe combines to deliver a superior glide that creates a close shave,” says Murdoch, Black Leopard CEO.

Local brand Black Leopoard was developed by a father and son team who understand the results men want from their grooming ritual. This shaving duo is a practical yet sophisticated present.

Nourishing and protecting, the Comfort Zone Soft Shave Performer and the Extra Protection Cream are designed to hydrate and revitalise.

Luxury Italian skincare brand Comfort Zone has a Man Shave Kit in their collection. It contains natural ingredients, making it an excellent gift for a guy with sensitive skin.

“It’s for all the busy men in a hurry to go on a special date with their loved one, rather than spend loads of time in the bathroom,” says Tijen, spokesperson for Babor.

Premium German skin and beauty brand Babor also has a suite of product geared to gentlemen. This face and eye energising elixir is a double-duty, time saver.

“Gifting your loved one products that contain the active ingredients and delivery systems to instigate change in the skin with long-term results is thoughtful and practical,” says Jane Patterson, spokesperson for DMK.

Paramedical skin revision line DMK has released a handy “men’s room” kit, packed in a handy shaving bag. It is a perfectly balanced four-step routine for any man, formulated to refine pores and reduce excess oil, while protecting the skin from the everyday elements that can lead to premature ageing.

Containing a cocktail of potent peptides, LQD Eye Restore works to increase collagen while also removing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Australian brand LQD skincare fuses science and nature in their range targeted at men. With ultra-modern, super-masculine packaging, anyone would be proud to gift a piece of the collection to their significant other.