Top US Spas Go Nuts For Our Macadamias

It was considered a delicacy when Aboriginal people first discovered it thousands of years ago, and spa-goers are only now clueing in to the appeal of the mighty macadamia.

The cold-pressed oil extracted from the macadamia nut has a rich yet lightweight texture and a bounty of benefits, turning it into the hottest prospect in the current crop of beauty-oil contenders – and Australia’s Jindilli brand is at the forefront.

“Our company was the first in the world to press macadamias for oil more than 30 years ago,” says Jindilli chief brand officer Cherie Jackson.

“Although it was initially used for culinary purposes, local massage therapists started sourcing the oil to use in their services, and that’s when we discovered how skin-compatible the oil is.”

In the intervening years, its star has only risen – pure macadamia oil is now the most commonly used product in the spa and wellness industry in Australia, where an estimated one in three spas use it as their preferred massage oil, says Lynne Ziehlke, marketing development manager for the Australian Macadamia Society.

Jindilli’s “no water required” treatment made it ideal to add to the menu at Island Spa Catalina, which suffers water shortage problems

“Worldwide, approximately 70 percent of all macadamia oil is used by the cosmetic industry.”

In a coup for Jindilli, The Santa Catalina Island Company has updated the menu at Island Spa Catalina in Avalon, California, to include the brand’s “no water required” treatment.

“Island Spa Catalina has a major problem with water and Jindilli has provided the solution in the Citrus with a Twist body treatment,” says Cherie Jackson. “Lynille, our beauty therapy specialist, has been training their team.

“This spa is a part of the American Leisure Group and is the second one of their properties to incorporate Jindilli. Later this year we will be launching into their new Grand Cayman project as well.”

Multiple Jindilli products are used in the Macadamia Moisture Medley, a therapy that includes a body scrub and a massage, at The Spa at Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California.

The skin is primed with Pure Macadamia Oil, then layered with Lime Blossom Body Scrub. Because the scrub is dissolvable, the skin “maintains all the benefits of the macadamia oil”, says spa director Alexandra Sutton.

Jindilli products and treatments caused a stir when Jacqueline Hill, general manager Jindilli Australia, and owner Morgan Roy exhibited at Cosmoprof in Hong Kong last November

“A massage follows, conducted with a combination of macadamia oil and Body Melt. The lasting hydration is incredible, and you don’t feel sticky afterwards. It’s one of our top two services.”

Alexandra says the treatment has been such a success that the spa is exploring the possibility of a macadamia facial.

Macadamia oil is primarily composed of fatty acids: omega-9 oleic reduces inflammation and seals in moisture, omega-7 palmitoleic helps prevent lines and wrinkles, firm skin and keep it supple to delay the signs of ageing, omega-6 linoleic acid prevent moisture loss, and saturated palmitic, resembling the oil that skin naturally produces.

It also contains phytoesterols, that help repair the skin’s barrier function, promote absorption of nutrients, and slow down collagen loss, making it ideal for sensitive and mature skin.

Jindilli started cold-pressing the precious oil from macadamias grown at the Roy family properties in northern NSW 30 years ago

Jindilli is similarly causing a stir in Asia, after general manager of Jindilli Australia, Jacqueline Hill, and owner Morgan Roy exhibited at Cosmoprof in Hong last November.

“We certainly made an impression!” says Jacqueline. “While the demonstrations of our proprietary Boomaglam massage tool generated the crowds, there was real intrigue about the Jindilli story.

“Our macadamia farms owned by the Roy family in northern NSW created an authentic point of difference around our products and attendees genuinely began to understand the properties and benefits of pure natural macadamia oil.

“The response to the magic of Jindilli’s dry room Lime Blossom Scrub was overwhelming. They literally gasped when the scrub disappeared before their eyes.

“As a result of this interest, we will be exporting to Hong Kong.

“Aside from China, we received interest from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Netherlands, Kuwait, Italy, Canada and India.”


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