The Tools And Devices To Keep Up Clinic Results At Home

How can you help clients replicate their favourite in-clinic experience at home? Keep reading!

In a perfect world, you’d be able to see your clients on a bi-monthly basis to assess their changing skin needs and carry out a thoughtfully crafted treatment plan. Unfortunately, the past year has taught us that time and budget are no longer the only restraints for clients seeking professional help. Sometimes, the world itself can get in the way too.

Melbournians are coming up on seven months spent in lockdown over the past year and half and Sydney-siders are entering their third month at home with business doors firmly shut. But clients are still calling out for help, and there is plenty to be done to help maintain the results of in clinic treatments.

Incorporating tools and devices into your clients’ regimes is a great way to encourage a healthy skincare routine and they can really support professional treatments. Not only are they great for the skin, they also encourage an extra moment of self-care in the day, something I bet many of us could use right now.

LED Face Mask

LED treatments are a hero in the clinic and can now be enjoyed at home thanks to the portable masks brining sci-fi beauty fantasies to life. While they’re not as powerful as your professional treatments, the ability to use these masks daily means clients will still enjoy the brightening, collagen producing and acne killing benefits.

Priori UNVEILED Mask
Omnilux Contour LED Light Therapy Mask

Derma Rollers

Mesotherapy is a wildly popular treatment and while at-home needling options won’t provide the same level of results, they can still be an effective booster when used correctly. The key here is education, which could be a great chance to get on Zoom or FaceTime appointments with your clients to demonstrate safe use.

Aesthetics Rx Derma Roller
Skinstitut Skin-Inject Derma Roller
Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller


Any client who complains of a puffy face when they wake up every morning will love the benefits of at home cryotherapy. It’s also great for calming inflammation meaning those suffering with acne can battle redness and skins susceptible to dermatitis can rest easy with a soft and soothed complexion.

Ginger & Me Skin Chill Globes
Biologique Recherche Cryosticks

Sculpting Tools

Not all tools need to be hi-tech to be effective. Lymphatic drainage massage has become a popular ritual borrowed from Asian cultures who have been championing the practice for centuries. It’s a great way to help massage in product on the face and body while also encouraging fluid drainage leading to a depuffed appearance and blood circulation that can help to tighten the skin.

Biotyspa Cellulite Cup
Imbibe Contour Body Gua Sha
Arithmos Body Restorer Gua Sha


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