Skin52 Is The Latest In Scar Correction And Camouflaging Stretch Marks

Perth’s leading cosmetic tattoo artist talks us through the new Skin52 device and how it is changing the game for scar correction.

From pigmentation to scar tissue and stretch marks, there is a growing demand for long-lasting treatments and skin correction within the aesthetics industry. Enter Skin52, a new and innovative scar camouflage device designed to implant skin colour pigment onto areas of concern to achieve even, natural-looking tone and texture.

Although scar camouflage tattoo is not an entirely new treatment, the Skin52 device takes it to the next level, analysing the exact skin tone to find the correct colour pigment tailored to each individual.

Perth-based La Belle Peau clinic is one of the first in Australia to offer this game-changing treatment. We spoke to Jocelyn Jo, dermal clinician and advanced cosmetic tattoo artist at the award-winning clinic, to find out more about Skin52 and what it means for the future of scar correction.

First of all, what is Skin52?

JJ: Skin 52 is a new scar camouflage micro-pigmentation treatment. It is a technique that implants skin colour pigment onto the area of each individual’s concern, specifically for hypopigmented regions to achieve a more even skin tone. The treatment is the first of its kind to come with a skin-dedicated device that analyses the skin tone of each individual to find a near-perfect pigment match.

The patented Skin52 device utilises 20,000 colour algorithms to find the closest pigment shade to each individual’s skin tone within 10 seconds. The selected pigment is then deposited into the skin with a micro-pigmentation technique to disguise a scar or treat a skin area that is missing pigment or colour.

What can the treatment be used for?

JJ: With Skin52 application, you can treat lots of different hypopigmented scar regions — one of most common being stretch marks. Medically-managed vitiligo, self-harm scars, and surgical scars are also effectively covered by the Skin52 procedure.

However, Skin52 cannot disguise or correct extreme changes in skin texture, so if the scar tissue or surface area is irregular or raised, the process may not be as effective. Some patients may need to consider scar revision treatments to smooth out the texture prior to Skin52 procedure — but this is all discussed during the initial consultation.

What is the treatment process?

JJ: Initially, patients who are interested in the Skin52 treatment will be scheduled for an initial consultation where I will go through a detailed analysis to see if they are a good candidate for the procedure. For preparation, pigment-inhibiting treatment cream will be advised to use depending on the skin phototype.

Before the procedure begins, the Skin52 device will analyse the skin pigment to match with the individual’s skin tone. The procedure itself is very straightforward and succinct. Minor discomfort and redness may occur, but on a very manageable level.

Once the procedure is done, we go through the aftercare. Patients will come back for a checkup appointment to see whether the area needs further treatments. Usually 2–4 sessions are recommended.

It is important for both clinicians and patients to understand that this procedure will not erase scars or skin anomalies, so that it appears completely gone and the area looks “perfect” again. Instead, the aim of Skin52 is to improve colour differentiation and to help disguise, cover or make it less noticeable by improving the appearance of scars.

Skin52 is the first technology of its kind to be used. Is there growing demand for this kind of treatment?

JJ: As a dermal therapist one of the most common questions that I get are:

  • What should I do with my stretch marks?
  • Are there any effective options to treat stretch marks?
  • I have had a lot of treatments but nothing seems to work for my stretch marks, what should I do?

Moreover, as an advanced cosmetic tattoo artist I also get these questions as well:

  • How can I cover my scars?
  • Can I have a cosmetic tattoo over scarred areas?

After achieving great results on their face and seeing how cosmetic tattoo technique can bring someone’s confidence to a higher level, I realised that this kind of technique could help people to improve their confidence! So I began to look into scar camouflage techniques.

This is a treatment for anyone who wants to call less attention to their scars, whose scars are smooth, flat, and lighter than the surrounding skin tissue. I believe this technique will help boost people’s confidence and satisfaction with their skin appearance.

A consultation is the best way to determine the ideal pathway to achieve the skin each patient wants, as everyone has different skin and skin goals.

What is the healing process post-treatment?

JJ: The aftercare for Skin52 treatments is much like other cosmetic tattoo treatments. The area treated cannot be wet for the first 24 hours, mild redness may last up to 2–3 weeks, and Bepanthen cream or wound dressing gel is advised to use on the area for the first 10–12 days. Mild scarring may occur after 3 days of the treatment, but will go away as the treated area heals.

How effective is Skin 52? Will patients need multiple treaments?

JJ: It all depends on the indentation of scars and skin condition. Usually stretch marks camouflage treatment will take 2–3 sessions. Larger surgery scars which come with deep indentation may take a few more sessions. The results will last up to 12–18 months, similar to cosmetic tattoo treatments, and clients will need to come back for maintenance. The more sessions over the years, the longer the results will last as pigments will be accumulated onto the area.

What does the future camouflage tattooing look like?

JJ: I recently got my Skin52 license and became the first accredited branch in Western Australia which means that I will be able to teach this technique officially. As a licensed tattooist of Skin52 and together with my broad experience as a dermal clinician, I will be able to share this technique with more people who are looking to bring this new technique to their clinic.

I believe that Skin52 could be the best option for successfully disguising hypopigmented scar regions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having scars on the body or face, but I do understand how much these scars and stretch marks can affect a person’s self esteem. This is why I feel that this new treatment can help so many people in many different ways. I am currently working on a project to open an academy and teach cosmetic tattoo and scar camouflage tattoo soon, so hopefully this brilliant technique can reach more people who need it. Stay tuned!


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