Renowned UK Cosmetic Dentist Has Released A Complications Resource Folder

And it answers all the questions and concerns of both cosmetics professionals and patients.

Renowned UK cosmetic dentist and director of the Botulinum Toxin Club, Dr Harry Singh, has recently released a new complications resource folder, The Ultimate Complications Guide: How to Avoid, Diagnose and Treat Complications in Facial Aesthetics. The resource folder is designed to provide step-by-step plans to address complications caused by muscle relaxants, filler or other facial aesthetics procedures.

As cosmetic surgeons and nurses know, it’s best to be prepared for any complications that may arise. The Ultimate Complications Guide will help with that, with more than 70 pages of detailed, easy to access action plans to provide the fast answers you need, so you are fully prepared for anything. According to Dr Singh, he has identified every possible complication cosmetics professionals may encounter and detailed exactly what steps to follow to both minimise the complication and/or manage it.

The guidebook provides answers to questions such as:

  • What if something goes wrong? 
  • What if my patient has a reaction? 
  •  What should I do first? 
  •  How quickly should I treat the complication?

“These questions are often in the back of most aestheticians’ minds. Although you don’t want the worst to happen, you do need to be prepared to know what to do, when to do it, and how to address any reactions or complications that may come up”, says Dr Singh. 

The Ultimate Guide To Managing Complications is a powerful asset that also offers patient aftercare support support to guide patients and help them overcome any fears or beliefs they may have about facial aesthetics.

The guide is available to purchase online at The Botulinium Toxin Club for GB£99 (approximately AU$172). While this may be an interesting read for injectors, for practitioners in Australia, there are local resources available as support for complications, such as AMET. We interviewed the founders of AMET in our last issue, read the article below.


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