Lutronic Welcomes New Clinical Training Specialist And BDM

Rhiannon Mitsopoulos, Lutronic’s new business development manager (BDM), tells us what support and services clinics can expect from the brand.

Leading aesthetic and medical laser company Lutronic has announced the appointment of their new BDM, Rhiannon Mitsopoulos, a clinical laser and energy-based device specialist, qualified Dermal Therapist and Vocational Education and Training lecturer.

Rhiannon Mitsopoulos

Over her 15-year career, Mitsopoulos has worked within Australia and around the world with a passion for specialised laser training and business support within the aesthetic, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery sectors. Her experience in the aesthetic industry including owning and managing her own businesses has led her to step into a hybrid role for Lutronic. Rhiannon joins Lutronic as a clinical training specialist and BDM for NSW, WA, SA, NT and Tasmania.

Mitsopoulos prides herself on her ability to understand client’s needs, identify problems and provide the right solution through education and continued support. She has and continues to evolve as the industry does, meeting the ever-changing needs and skills.

We spoke to Mitsopoulos to learn more about her and what clinics can expect from her tenure at Lutronic.

What made you want to work for Lutronic?

RM: I wanted to be part of a global company with a focus on physician needs and patient outcomes. Lutronic dedicates a large percentage of their revenue (20 per cent) into research and development. This means that the products of today and those of tomorrow will be the best in the market.

What support and assistance should clinics expect from their BDM?

RM: Business development managers should add tangible value to their customers. Education is key when investing in new technology or upgrading a device. Your BDM should know how to use the technology, but also be able to maximise your return on investment by understanding the market and guide you to success.

What areas do you find clinics need the most assistance with and how do you help?

RM: Many clinic owners need assistance to invest in the correct technology and devices for their clinic and demographic. Understanding how the features and benefits are going to translate to real results and profitability can be challenging for many small businesses owners. I often see clinics investing in trending technology that simply becomes a dust collector. Coming from a clinical and educational background as well as being a business owner and manager myself, I bridge the gap between purchasing and successfully launching a new product. I pride myself at finding the correct solution for my customers needs and ensuring they succeed.

What is your current favourite Lutronic device and why?

RM: Lutronic has more than 10 products in their aesthetic portfolio making having a favourite very difficult. The Healite II is most recognisable and loved Lutronic product, but the Clarity II is at the top of my list. It is the most advanced and intuitive device of its kind I have worked with. The proprietary IntelliTrak technology ensures consistent rapid energy delivery at the density you select and Temperature Sensing provides real-time feedback to help increase the treatment efficacy and reliable clinical endpoints. The device is yet another example of Lutronic’s intelligent design for Intelligent Care™!


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