James Vivian Launches Skincare Line With Adore Beauty

Read our exclusive interview with the renowned Australian dermal therapist behind Viviology.

In collaboration with Australian beauty e-tailer, Adore Beauty, celebrated dermal therapist, James Vivian, has launched his debut skincare range. Named ‘Viviology,’ the cosmeceutical skincare collection is comprised of six products featuring high-quality active ingredients.

Packaged in chic, minimalist vessels, the science-backed formulas are made in Australia, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and contain no synthetic fragrances. And, they come at surprisingly affordable prices ranging from $35-$55.

Viviology’s packaging is made from 30-50 per cent post-consumer recycled materials where possible.
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SPA+CLINC caught up with Vivian to get the inside scoop on how Viviology came to be and what sets this new range apart from what’s already out there.

Here’s our exclusive interview with James Vivian

What originally sparked the idea for Viviology?

Viviology is a collaboration between Adore Beauty and myself. Kate Morris has long been our client and was looking for an opportunity to take the James Vivian experience from the clinic to the bathroom, especially for anyone who couldn’t make it to the clinic due to geographical, financial and other reasons.

When it came to the practicalities of creating the range, how did this all happen?

It must be said that it has taken a team to create these six wonderful products and it’s been over two years in the making. We began with creating our key philosophies – confusion-free, accessible, inclusive, cosmeceutical, then onto branding, then formulation, then packaging, then marketing all the way to last week when we launched. Adore Beauty has ensured that we have worked alongside the best of the best when it came to creating Viviology. We were heavily delayed due to the pandemic, however, we have used every moment of extra time to further refine and enhance the Viviology experience.

What is your favourite product from the range and why?

My favourite product, as unsexy as it is, is the cleanser. I am mad about cleansing both for myself and our clients. I believe if you don’t get this step right it can throw off everything else that you apply subsequently. I am also very pro foaming cleanser, so we have tried to make the ultimate foaming cleanser whilst being gentle, hydrating and safe to use all around the eye area to remove makeup and feel suitably refreshed.

How is the range different to what’s already on the market?

I think our two main points of difference are our price point, allowing more people access to active, cosmeceutical products that work, plus the fact that we are taking my philosophies of a dermal therapist to educate, communicate and connect with my clients and applying them to Viviology so that people can learn more about their skin, connect to their skincare and become more empowered as they go along their skincare journey.

For me, this is the part I am looking forward to most from here. We’ve made the products, and they’re fabulous, but it’s about the feedback that comes next that I want to focus on and then help our customers get the most out of their Viviology skincare and therefore their skin.

What was the biggest challenge during the process? How did you overcome it?

Nothing really sticks out. I must admit that I grossly underestimated how much time and effort it takes to create a skincare brand. Producing it during the pandemic did make it difficult for us to get together to discuss samples face to face, but we adapted as everyone did.

Do you have any advice for skin practitioners who’d like to create their own range?

I have been very lucky to have created Viviology alongside a team, some of whom have worked full-time on this project for over two years. There is an extraordinary amount of time, resources and energy that goes into creating a skincare brand from scratch. Within my clinic, we work with some of the world’s best cosmeceutical skincare so the bar was already set high if we were to consider selling Viviology alongside these brands and recommending them to our clients.

I can confidently say that Viviology is a brand that our clients will love and can introduce into their skincare routines both from the perspective of replacing certain products and/or enhancing a skincare routine.

How to get your hands on Viviology

Keen to try Viviology yourself? The range is available now via Adore Beauty with product pricing as follows:

Viviology Gentle Foaming Cleanser 200mL, $35
Viviology Liquid Exfoliant 200mL, $45
Viviology Ceramide Moisturiser 50mL, $45
Viviology Retinol Serum 0.3% 30mL, $59
Viviology Niacinamide + HA Serum 30mL, $49
Viviology Vitamin C Serum 30mL, $55

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