How These Tiny Magnets Improve Healthy Skin Ageing

Introducing a holistic treatment as fascinating as it is beautiful.

We know that ageing is all about energy loss – the slowing down of the body’s cells and natural functions. So we were excited to explore this holistic treatment that not only promises to improve cellular energy to improve skin quality, but is as visually stunning as it is intriguing. 

Qi facials utilise a system that is based on the magnetic stimulation of acupuncture points to regenerate skin. An intricate network of tiny individual magnets (in varying magnetic gradients) which are adhesive, spherical and double gold coated, are woven skillfully around the face by hand, in order to manipulate and direct sub-dermal fluids to where they need to be for the best results. 

With the increasingly prominent fusion of medi and wellness in today’s aesthetics landscape, Qi facials are a great example of a holistic treatment that is grounded in the science-based nurturing of the skin’s cells to improve the way we age, naturally utilising and improving the efficiency of our existing functionalities. The Qi system is utilised by a wide network of practitioners throughout Australia (and globally) including beauty and dermal therapists, cosmetic doctors and wellness practitioners. Kathy Pedersen, founder of Qi Beauty International, shares the secrets behind this intriguing treatment. 

Tell us how the Qi treatment works

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Qi beauty treatments utilise quantum technology to alter the lipid bilayer without heating or injuring the tissues. Skin is instantly responsive to a controlled magnetic matrix. Within 15 minutes of a Qi beauty Matrix application we can feel and see the effects of increased permeation of both hydro and lipophilic substances. The intensity of a Qi beauty Matrix can be altered using large magnetic gradients to lift, sculpt and levitate volume, and lower gradients for drainage and cooling, and these can even be combined in one treatment. 

Large gradients exert greater force on the cells by increasing ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) of the cells, we see greater levitation of GAGS (Glycosaminoglycans) to reduce depth and length of lines, and vaso-normative effects for skin brightening and clarifying complexion. Timing of cellular messaging and action is supported by the torque of the Qi beauty matrix which supplies the ATP for the rhythm, action and performance of healthy cellular activity. While a Matrix is in place, tight junctions in the granular layer which act as a physical barrier, reconfigure under magnetic influence to allow ionic invigoration of cells to improve their programmed function. The Qi Matrix also increases skin permeability for greater depth of product infusion. This is a healthy experience for cells.  

What do clients achieve with this treatment?

The APT is the energetic governing of skin. Qi beauty treatments target slow, aged and unhealthy cells, influencing the ATP without injuring the stratum corneum or disrupting the microbiome. Clients achieve healthier cellular metabolism, improved cellular activity and anti-inflammatory benefits. Visually, clients’ skin texture is improved with tissues feeling less corrugated, smoother and more lifted. The complexion is clearer and more even due to heightened macrophage activity and the vaso-normative effect decreases the appearance of fine capillaries. Overall, the complexion is lighter and brighter, and volume feels and looks lifted and contoured. We talk about a ‘constellation’ of results because that’s what clients love most about Qi beauty, the holistic benefits makes skin appear better in every regard. 

What type of client is it best suited for?

Qi beauty treatments are based on the repair/recovery model of better ageing, the polar opposite of the injury/recovery model therapies we have seen peak in the last decade. In 2019 we saw an increase in clients presenting with inflammatory skin conditions, impaired skin barrier, auto-immune conditions and slower recovery from dermal therapies which is ageing since the inability to fully repair increases premature and accelerated ageing. Clients who notice their tissues are thinner, weaker, less vibrant, or they feel they are not ageing well – all of these clients benefit most. Qi beauty treatments are focused on reducing inflammation, skin strengthening, establishing homeostasis and stimulating the recovery action of cellular processes.

What style of facial (or any other treatment) do practitioners like to incorporate Qi into? Any combination treatments that work well?

Qi beauty used in combination with cryotherapy. Image supplied.

Qi beauty treatments are the ultimate integrative therapy. From luxury to medi-spa, natural therapy clinics to beauty clinics, Qi beauty enjoys a presence in all successfully. As a treatment, it is a stand alone with visual results and unique experience from a spiritual perspective. The treatment is at home in luxury spas with treatments extending to the neck and décolletage for complete luxury with advanced results. It is sometimes combined with acupuncture or massage in natural therapies clinics and in naturopathic clinics as a preventative medicine practice for skin repair and longevity. Dermal clinics like to use Qi beauty alone for enhanced infusion and barrier repair, or in tandem with treatments such as LED, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, micro-current, cosmetic acupuncture, dermal fillers, peels, laser and collagen remodelling treatments. 

How long does it take a practitioner to acquire the skills? 

There are seven Qi beauty treatment protocols covered in two modules over two days of intensive training in theory and practical hands-on learning. Practitioners are certified once training is completed following practical performance.

There is a third module, a one-day intensive training undertaken by advanced dermal therapists or skin professionals with an interest in scarring, skin grafting, palsy and inflammatory conditions. Once training has been completed practitioners maintain contact with Qi beauty for support and further guidance to maintain guaranteed treatment results. 

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