How Anybodi Aesthetics Wants To De-Stigmatise Plastic Surgery

Founded by former rivals, the new body-positive platform is providing accessible and truthful information about the aesthetics industry.

Former industry rivals Trish Hammond, Founder of Plastic Surgery Hub, and Nicole Montgomery, Founder of Trusted Surgeons, have merged to form body positive online platform Anybodi Aesthetics. 

The collaboration began with the duo creating online content and hosting live educational sessions to support industry professionals during the COVID lockdowns. Hammond and Montgomery discussed the rapidly changing aesthetic industry and decided that the best way to move forward and meet the new demands of both practitioners and consumers post-lockdown was with “a more positive and inclusive” business model. And so Anybodi Aesthetics was born.

“Trusted Surgeons and Plastic Surgery Hub both started out as information sources for consumers considering plastic surgery, and therefore tended to focus on all the things that can go wrong with procedures as that’s what consumers wanted and needed,” says Hammond.

Now, boards such as the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery are providing a wealth of information and education to consumers. So Anybodi Aesthetics is here to provide success stories and de-stigmatise plastic surgery and other aesthetics procedures.

“We believe this more body positive approach better aligns with our personal and professional values,” says Montgomery. “We have both had several cosmetic procedures and have enjoyed and are still enjoying the benefits that they have given us … We want to make sure that other consumers can access similar procedures if they want or need them.”

Anybodi’s belief is that loving yourself is a must, and the team firmly stands by the #YourBodyYourRules motto whether consumers want to opt for aesthetics procedures or not. The site offers visitors recommended aesthetic solutions that will boost their confidence, provide expert advice, help them find the right professional near them and share life-changing surgery stories.

We spoke with Trish Hammond to find out more about Anybodi Aesthetics and what the platform has in store for the future.

Trish Hammond

What inspired the collaboration between you for Anybodi Aesthetics?

TH: It’s funny because we had been rivals in this industry, but we really didn’t know each other — we just knew that we were competitors in the same space. Then COVID hit! We met online through colleagues and started up a Facebook group to support practitioners. We found that we actually really liked each other and realised we could offer so much more if we pulled our resources together. And that’s how we came up with Anybodi.

Why is a platform such as Anybodi Aesthetics so important for the industry

TH: Anybodi came about after years of working in the Aesthetics space. We pooled all our experiences together and wrote out everything that we thought was wrong with this industry — the bias, the bitterness, the boring, and the overlooked brilliance. 

And then we started brainstorming how could we put together an online community that supports patients, and by patients we mean all of us — those who are unique, different, larger, thin, young, old and indifferent. We knew if we were tired of the aesthetic industry being depicted only by glamour models and airbrushed perfection, we weren’t the only ones sick of that paradigm. We are clear about one thing – Anybodi is for everybody and anybody.

How does this platform embody the best of Plastic Surgery Hub and Trusted Surgeons, and what new aspects does it bring to the table?

TH: I think both Plastic Surgery Hub and Trusted Surgeons were the most trusted resources for practitioners, patients and consumers in Australia. But that fight is over, the industry regulators and finally mainstream media are exposing the underbelly, and we now no longer have to contend with that — and that’s great!

The other thing that has changed so much in the last decade is the acceptance of aesthetic procedures. Anti-wrinkle injection appointments are now as common as hair appointments. So for those that choose to have aesthetic procedures, that’s great, but there’s still a lot of educating about all these new procedures and surgeries that are available and we will always support and promote the talented, educated and highly qualified plastic surgeons, doctors, aesthetic practitioners and clinicians here in Australia. They are the foundation of the aesthetics sector. 

What does the “Your Body Your Rules” motto mean to you?

TH: Anybodi Aesthetics is a totally judgement-free zone where you decide what is best for your face, your body — it’s your rules. We are the new industry standard, a platform for real people of every age, gender, shape, size and race. It’s your body therefore your choice, no one should ever feel pressured by society or social media to have an invasive procedure. Consumers can come to us for honest expert opinions and information.

What do you hope to achieve through the platform? 

TH: AnyBodi Aesthetics was established with one goal — to become the Aesthetic Industry’s most trusted research platform that never judges, but empowers consumers and promotes confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. #YourBodyYourRules #LovingYourselfIsAMust


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