The Eco-Friendly Boom: Products To Know Now

The focus is finally shifting when it comes to environmentally-friendly solutions, and this change in attitude not only relates to our waste or energy consumption, but has also begun to affect consumers’ purchase behaviours. Many of your customers may already be paying closer attention to the natural vs synthetic nature of the products they use, if they’re toxin-free, whether they contain artificial colours or preservatives, whether they are cruelty-free, or how recyclable the packing is.

Not only this, but clients are now on the hunt for products that will feed and nurture their skin and beauty regime, improving them from the inside out, as opposed to just covering up their flaws with nasties and chemicals. This may be something to keep in mind when it comes to the products you stock, or at the very least, consider researching these aspects of your spa or clinic ranges, as you’re more than likely to be questioned by a client on this topic one day soon.

This new rise in popularity of organic and sustainable products is (in our humble opinion) a big win for planet Earth – so to celebrate, we’ve handpicked just a few of our favourite all-natural and environmentally friendly products that might just impress your eco-loving clients.

Skin Juice
Skin Juice products combine high potency fruit and vegetable extracts with beneficial fatty acids to drench skin in moisture and nutrients. Using the healthiest natural, organic + cosmeceutical grade ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals. Not to mention your clients will adore the bright fabulous packaging – which coincidentally happen to be made from recycled plastic!


Eco Tan
The Eco Tan range is Certified Organic, made in Australia, Certified Cruelty Free, and Palm Oil Free. Certified by the Organic Food Chain and Safe Cosmetics Australia, Eco Tan comply with strict Australian standards that ensure no toxins or GMOs are used in their formulas.


Jane Iredale
A classic range for many spas and clinics, Jane Iredale is a favourite when it comes to mineral makeup, boasting an extensive all-natural ingredients range all about improving the health and balance of skin during wear, with no nasties and nothing to hide. Certified cruelty-free, Jane Iredale is also recognized by both Leaping Bunny and PETA for their voluntary commitment to no animal testing at every stage of product development.


Beauty Chef
Derived by nature and supported by science, Beauty Chef is an Australian company founded by Carla Oates, a naturalist specialising and teaching organic beauty and healthy living for over a decade. With a range of beauty supplements and skincare, Beauty Chef delivers products containing natural, bio-active, food-based probiotics to improve health from the inside out.