Did Kylie Jenner Really “Get Rid” Of Her Filler?

Who would have thought that a simple comment such as “I got rid of my lip filler” would make global news? Of course it wouldn’t be as interesting if it weren’t for the fact lip-filler-queen Kylie Jenner made the comment.

After plumping up her naturally thin lips with the help of fillers a few years ago, Kylie single-handedly made lip fillers ‘normal’, removing the stigma from getting injectable treatments, and causing young girls around the world to seek out ways to volumise their pout.  Some clinics reported an unprecedented spike in filler enquiries after Kylie admitted to getting jabbed, so now that she announced she’s going back to natural lips, we can only wonder how it will impact the injectable industry.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the 20 year-old, according to many commenters, looked like “the old Kylie”, to which she replied “I got rid of my lip filler.”

While her lips have definitely decreased in size and volume, they are still fuller than Kylie’s lips pre filler, making us believe she didn’t have the filler dissolved as her comment suggests, but simply stopped getting top-ups. We asked registered nurse and injector Kelly George for her opinion on Kylie’s lips.

“I don’t believe she has had the filler dissolved, rather the filler she had some time ago (before pregnancy) has almost worn off. Her lips look naturally plumped because there is a small amount of filler left.”

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Some news sources have suggested that Kylie’s lips look plump because the prolonged use of filler causes the body to produce more collagen, and therefore increase the fullness of the lips naturally after years of getting injected, however, George thinks it’s more likely due to filler residue, and Jenner’s recent pregnancy.

“I don’t believe her past lip injections have lead to collagen production as suggested. Women produce additional collagen during pregnancy. This may have contributed to the added fullness,” she says.

Whatever the truth may be, we’re happy to see the youngest of the Jenner-clan feel happy with the way she looks.

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