Deka Launches Award Winning Tetra PRO

Introducing new Tetra PRO – Deka’s next-generation CO2 laser technology that provides revolutionary precision in micro-ablative procedures. 

Featuring Deka’s proprietary Pulse Shape Design (PSD) technology, Tetra PRO delivers powerful performance levels never achieved before in dermatological applications. The unsurpassed level of control and versatility is made possible with four available pulse modes combined with Deka’s exclusive PSD technology, which allows aesthetic professionals to tailor treatment parameters.

The ability to customise fractional laser pulses with variable pulse shapes, duration, energy and peak powers to suit any skin condition and treatment area, means clinicians can achieve maximum efficacy while balancing the risk factors, downtime and discomfort.

Tetra PRO also features the SmartStack function, which makes it possible to deliver laser energy in a single pulse or in several consecutive pulses (1-5) over the same place (DOT) to ensure maximum efficacy, fast recovery time and enhanced patient comfort.

With increased power and a larger scanner area, Tetra PRO can deliver faster treatments, significantly reducing treatment duration while providing practitioners with optimal versatility and precision.

What can it treat?

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Periocular lifting
  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Scar treatment
  • Benign skin cancers, lesions, skin tags, warts, moles etc.
  • Sun damage
  • Pore reduction
  • Pigmentation reduction

CoolPeel™ is the globally recognised ten-minute, almost no downtime, often no anaesthetic skin resurfacing treatment that delivers many of the benefits of CO2 fractional resurfacing treatments without the considerable downtime associated with most ablative laser treatments.

CoolPeel™ with Tetra PRO is now even faster and more convenient thanks to MOVEO Mode, Deka’s skin cooling system. Utilising a unique laser emission mode, CoolPeel™ provides uniform, homogenous skin stimulation targeting fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin tone and texture, age spots and other signs of ageing, and sun with almost no downtime.

By targeting the superficial layers of skin, without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue, damaged skin is removed revealing a smoother, younger and healthier-looking complexion.

Key Features:

  • CoolPeel™ is now even faster and more convenient with MOVEO mode
  • Four pulse modes of the exclusive PSD® technology allows for the tailoring of treatment results and downtime
  • 30% faster treatment thanks to increased power and a larger scanner area (20×20 mm)
  • DOT Therapy
  • Dermatological surgery
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Fast recovery time and enhanced patient comfort with Smartstack function
  • New scanning systems, optimised in shape, weight, easier connection and size (DOTPRO, Scar 3 PRO, DermaScan)

Winner of the 2024 AMWC Aesthetic Medicine Awards for the Best Laser, Lights and Energy-Based Device, Tetra PRO is a cutting-edge laser system that provides unparalleled precision and innovation.

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