Christmas Gifts To Make You More Healthy

Christmas gift hauls are traditionally not the best for our health, to put it lightly, with boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine often coming from every direction. Not to mention the naughties throughout the entire holiday season – Christmas puddings, gingerbread, trifle, custard, excessive lunches and dinners and over-indulgent end of year parties. We thought we’d lend a helping hand by incorporating some healthy options into this year’s Christmas gift guide, to keep you on track throughout the silly season and into the new year.

Now is a great time of year for a fitness and nutritional overhaul, and online memberships are a simple yet motivating way to facilitate this. Options like Chris Hemsworth’s health and fitness app Centr, or Tiffiny Hall’s online health and fitness program TIFFXO have customisable meal plans (including dietary requirements), fitness advice and workouts for any level.
RRP from $19.99


The perfect guilt-free beauty and health bite, Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites combine skin illuminating, anti-ageing and gut-happy ingredients (collagen, prebiotics, probiotics, and vitamins C & E) in a snack-sized bar that is gluten-free, non-GMO and has less than 2.8g of sugar.
14x 31g pack RRP $49



For those aiming to steer clear of the holiday bender – ALTD Spirits is a range of alcohol-free botanical spirits that are sugarfree, gluten-free, vegan friendly, inspired by the tastes and sounds of the Australian landscape. Made by extracting the natural waters from Australian plants and distilling them in traditional copper alembic stills, they’re ideal for creating guilt-free cocktails with a health kick.
RRP $64

Teresa Cutter, AKA The healthy Chef, is thrilled to have just released her new cookbook Earth To Table. It focusses on plant-based, vegan and vegetarian recipes that everyone will love, nourishing from the inside out.
RRP $49.95



trico.lab DETOX tea detoxes the scalp and hair follicles to encourage healthier, stronger hair, thickening of dull or thinning strands, and a reduction of breakage with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also addresses dry scalp, dandruff or hair shedding caused by stress. Organic, naturopath approved, and naturally caffeine free.
RRP $34.95

New Australian brand, Vmores utilises a selection of Australian superfood ingredients and innovative freeze dry technology, which keeps the original ingredient nutrients intact and active. More than a probiotic, Vmores Dash 10 Billion Probiotic also features detoxifying superfoods including spinach, broccoli, kale, and cabbage powder.
RRP $39.95

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