Candela’s New Influencer Partnership

Candela has proudly just unveiled their latest campaign with social media influencer Sophie Cachia.

Sophie has polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) and as a result, experiences excessive hair growth. She regularly has laser hair removal treatments at LCA Airport West with the Candela Gentle Series, making her an ideal candidate for Candela to launch their latest partnership alongside.

Sophie is known for her candid, no-holds-barred lifestyle posts and commentary, and throughout the campaign, she will discuss her PCOS journey in the digital space to bring awareness to possible treatment options.

We chatted to Sophie about what the partnership means to her.

What excites you most about this partnership with Candela?
I suppose the most obvious reason for me is because I’ve already been a longtime laser hair removal client, so a partnership with a brand such as Candela is such a natural fit for my life! How incredible that I get to share my journey – which I was undertaking anyway – with my audience and not only give them an insight and ‘behind the scenes’ type look into my life, but also have an opportunity to educate them on the Candela machines.

How regularly do you receive laser treatments?
Currently, I am undertaking laser treatments every 6-10 weeks, depending on need.

How do you find the treatments themselves?
The treatments are great because they are so spaced out that you’re not needing to schedule time (that none of us have!) every couple of weeks and it’s also easy to plan ahead when you only need to go a handful of times a year.

Tell us about the effects this has had on you, your hair growth, and on your quality of life?
It will sound cliché, but to be as direct and brutally honest as I can – laser hair removal has changed my life. Hair growth has always been my biggest insecurity since I was an early teenager and despite it being [a beauty therapist’s] job, I was even once petrified to go to a waxer because of how self-conscious I was. To be able to go and experience a treatment where I arrive shaved, that is so quick & effective and one that only sees me visit a clinic 5-6 times per year is great.

What kind of comments and feedback have you received from fellow PCOS sufferers?

The beauty of having the follower base that I do across social media means I get to interact daily with a wide audience on a variety of topics. Upon putting out my PCOS story and the subsequent side effects that come with it, I have been truly inundated with similar stories from women who more often than not thought they were ‘the only ones who experienced that.’

Not only have I been able to reassure many people that they aren’t alone and that there are options out there, it’s also been nice in return for me to hear their stories and share in their journey with them too.

You receive treatments across your entire body – what would you say to those that might think this is too expensive?
The hair gets less and less overtime, parts will never grow back. Would you rather pay for that, or spend $X amount on waxing for the rest of your life? I know which one sounds more affordable to me!


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