Are You Ahead Of The Brow Game?

There is absolutely no point denying it – if your business offers brow services of any kind, you not only need to be at the top of your game, but in the loop when it comes to industry trends, the latest techniques, and most importantly, be able to provide incredible brows to each and every one of your clients. Because we can guarantee, in this modern era of brow-obsession, your clients will expect no less than perfect shape, size, colour and symmetry.

Not only are expectations incredibly high, but there are new developments in the wide world of brows almost on a daily basis, and you would never want to put yourself in a position where a client knows more about what’s trending than you and your staff do. This is particularly true when it comes to Microblading, with so many new advancements in technology, pigment and blading techniques. Not to mention, with results lasting up to two years, the stakes are much higher than a regular brow shape or tint. So how do you stay up to date? For answers, we decided to go straight to the top, picking the brains of three of the most recognised Australian industry experts on how they stay leaders of the brow pack.


Kristin Fisher

How do you ensure you continue to pave the way as a top service provider?

I keep up to date with new trends and I’m always looking for the best courses provided by the best trainers worldwide. I manage my own social media accounts, which means I am able to interact personally with my new and existing clientele.

What do you believe makes you unique?

My relaxed and personal approach to running the business, and creating a warm and friendly environment in an industry that can often be intimidating. I also don’t take myself too seriously which is evident by how I portray myself on social medial which many clients love and can relate to!

Top Tips?

  1. Do your research and attend multiple courses taken by trainers whose work you love and admire.
  2. Always make sure clients have a thorough consultation before going ahead with any treatments to ensure that they are the right candidate and that you are able to achieve the desired results for them.
  3. Never stop learning – education is KEY !!


Suzie McIntosh

How do you keep up to date with new trends?

I have a very strong network of experts in the industry from all over the world. We are in constant communication and update each other on new techniques, tricks and trends. I also travel internationally to attend master classes and trade shows to help keep me on top of trends.

What are your priorities when it comes to being an industry leader?

Having high standards, setting personal goals, investing time and money into continuous learning, practise, practise practise!

Top Tips?

  1. Always enroll in up to date training programs, never stop learning!
  2. Find an artist you admire and ask to privately shadow their work, you will always pick up new tricks.
  3. Work on your photography skills for your social media accounts. Your work maybe good however your photos need to sell it. Learn your angle, invest in good lighting.


Amy Jean

How do you decide which new trends are appropriate for you?

Gut instinct. I always consider (myself) to be the type of customer or demographic that I’m trying to reach, so if I’m not attracted to a new product or service, then nor will our customers. For instance, when brow extensions hit the market, my gut was a simple NO. Your customers will lose faith if you flog anything and everything for a sale.

Any further advice?

I don’t believe in ‘enough’. There is always more. More to learn, more to achieve, more growth for my team, more expansion into global markets for my product lines, more lessons to be learnt, more salons to fit-out, but most of all…more hard work to be done. Never slack off.

Top Tips?

  1. You must offer consultations, whether it be face to face or virtual. You have to understand what the client’s wishes are and if you can realistically meet them.
  2. Understand the client’s skin type and skincare regime as this impacts greatly on the results.
  3. NEVER go ahead if the client is insisting she “must” have the treatment and doesn’t care if she isn’t a suitable candidate.
  4. Be an ethical operator and explain that this treatment is NOT suitable to everyone and results vary.