5 Skin Myths Busted

It’s so easy to get lost in the ever-changing world of skincare, with its constant flurry of new ranges, delivery systems and developments in ingredients. What never changes though, is the skin’s internal functionality and processes, and the need to educate your clients.

So this week, we thought we would get back to skincare basics, providing some expert tips for you and your team to share. Debbie Dickson, Director of Education at DMK has given some pearls of wisdom on how to educate when it comes to skin misconceptions most commonly shared amongst clients.

  1. Skin is Dry, Oily, or Combination– Getting your best skin is not just about treating the external factors such as dryness or oiliness. We need to address the skin’s internal processes and imbalances, with techniques such as Enzyme Therapy, designed to rebuild the skin’s core strength to make it healthier and more vibrant.
  2. I’ll worry about ageing skin when I’m 40 – Our skin is constantly exposed to factors that damage it, which enhances the ageing process. Don’t wait until you’re 40 or even your late 20s to think about ageing skin. Collagen production starts declining progressively around 25 years of age, so we need to look after these support structures underneath our skin and keep our water levels at optimal levels that help enzymatic functions at their peak performance. Make sunscreen application part of your every morning routine, no matter what you’re doing. This is not only to reduce your chances of skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, around 90 per cent of visible ageing comes from the cumulative hours spent in the sun and Aussies have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, making the application of sunscreen an essential part of our lives.
  3. Wrinkles and saggy skin can only be fixed with botox– There are many effective products to restore and firm the skin without the need for invasive procedures. A person who has badly sun damaged skin and a coarse texture reddened by transepidermal water loss is not going to look 20 years younger with botox. As we age the matrix of the skin thins down and the skin loses volume. Young skin is bouncy, firm and radiant, to revise skin back into a healthy youthful appearance we need to remove that sun damaged redundant cell build up increase the free water levels (hydration) in the skin, and thicken up the matrix, the skin can look 20 years younger with these tweaks. A simple way to strengthen this matrix is to take essential fatty acids.
  4. I need to exfoliate daily– Over use of exfoliants and peeling products can leave your skin with impaired barrier function – meaning that your skin’s protective layer has been compromised. Potentially resulting in dry skin that is prone to flaking, sensitivity and redness. Exfoliants are an important part of any skincare routine, but just like everything in life make sure that they are utilized in moderation.
  5. The heavier the moisturiser, the better– When you feel that your skin is dry, a lot of moisturisers coat the surface of the skin, this can exacerbate the problem by gluing the dead cells on instead of allowing for the normal natural exfoliation process. Moisturising the skin isn’t about switching to a heavier moisture protective, it is about a moisturizer that restores the right environment.